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I wish I could say that Anna was potty trained in 3 days, but we are almost a week in and we are still just truckin' along. There has been lot of whining and crying over at our house lately. So...potty training? I. Hate. It. It's not over yet, but I thought I would write down some of the details before I forget.

Last Wednesday, after a successful pee in the potty, I put Anna in underwear. That day, I sat her down on the potty every 25 to 30 minutes. I was surprised and happy that she pee'd nearly every time! And every time she did, I cheered along with her and awarded her a sticker. She was all smiles and loving it!

Gradually, I increase the time between how often I put her on the potty. Now we are up to 75 to 90 minutes. While she still doesn't tell me when she has to use the potty, if I ask her if she needs to use the potty, sometimes she will respond with a yes! She had accidents the first few days. When that happened, I used that as a learning opportunity and rushed her to the potty so she could finish there. The big good news is that she hasn't had a pee accident in the last two days!

Poop training, on the other hand, has proven to be the biggest headache ever. Anna is constipated that she has a hard time using the potty for number two. So far, she has only pooped in the potty three times. Twice she started pushing in her underwear and Grandma acted fast enough for her to finish in the potty. The one other time she actually sat on the potty and pushed. All the other times? Not so successful.

Every day is the same: Whenever she feels the urge, she whines and cries and says, "No panties. Panties off." This is my clue that she needs to poop. I put her on the potty and she wants down because it hurts to push. We try to be patient and have her just sit for a while, but nothing happens. So we put her down. Whines and cries resume. Then FINALLY, she either goes in her underwear or starts pushing in her underwear and finishes in potty. But TODAY, she finally sat on the potty and pushed, from beginning to end. Not without many tears, though. It was so sad to watch.

So yes, it has been rough. We have been housebound for a week now (except for the art class on Sunday). I think if it wasn't for her constipation, we would be much further along! If this continues, I will need to talk to the doctor. Anyone has any ideas? I know prune juice helps, but girlfriend doesn't drink much of it.

Oh, and she only gets diaper during nap and night. Since Day 1, she wakes up with dry diaper after nap, but full diaper in the morning.

I am not ready to give up yet. We are already a week in....I can't imagine starting from scratch again a couple months later. Potty training has pretty much taken over my life. I can't wait until we are done. I am sure Anna too.
Celebrating with balloons after collecting 11 stickers.
Stack of panties // Homemade reward chart


  1. Your attempts with Anna sound very similar to ours with Ephram. The longer we do it for though (simultaneous days), the more I get frustrated with accidents and the more he doesn't want to do it anymore. at all. So I've given up. He's just not motivated to not use diapers. & maybe it's my fault too since I'm just not ready to give up going outside the house for longer than a few days. I figure someday he'll realize how nice it is to wear underwear instead of diapers and the whole process will become easier. I just keep reminding myself that he won't go to college with a diaper still on. ;)

    1. It's hard to be cooped up in the house, but it has also been 100+ degree outside lately so I am okay with that. I also think the hot weather is nice since we can just leave her in undies.

  2. Hi Joyce, potty training is tough! So I think you guys and Anna are doing great. :) Anya is not even 2 yet and I'm aleady loathing the start of potty training. Have you tried showing her DVDs like Elmo with the potty? And as for prune juice, try mixing it with something else? Or have her eat prunes? (I did that with Anya and it helped.)

  3. It's a tough job, but don't give up. To me, it actually sounds like Anna will be a potty pro real soon. Hang in there.

    Kayla was the same way about the pooing. She would actually wait until we put the pull up on at bedtime to start pooing. She didn't like pooing in the potty but would do it in the pullup no problem. We lived with that for a few weeks, then she got the hang of it.

    Lauren was the opposite. She was fine pooping, but would delay telling us until she actually wet her underware. Other times, she would just pee and keep on playing without saying a word.

    What about prune puree? Or flax seeds (you could put that in her cereal).

  4. Poor Anna! Mommy put up a picture of you pooping and reading. Don't worry, we adults do that too. In all seriousness Joyce, I think Anna is on her way and all kids are different and have their own time table. We did not really train our boys and one day we just decided not to use diapers anymore. Our boy had one accident and he never have to use diapers again. I guess he hates the mess from the one and only one accident. I think Anna will come around since she's a smart girl. Regarding the constipation, have you try to make the chinese barley (not the western kind) drink by boiling the barley? I think that really can fix the problem quickly. I believe some Chinese like to put some sweet dried winter melon there to make it a sweet drink too.

    1. Wow, I hope Will will be this easy to train!

  5. I've only housebroken dogs - which are hard enough -

    :) Hang in there!! She's a smart girl.


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