July in a nutshell

The month of July has been a tiring, annoying, and stupid month.

Between bathroom remodeling, potty training, and my pumping woes, this month has been mostly spent at home. I know I said it before that sometimes it's easier to just stay home with two kids, but sometimes it's also easier to just go out. I know...which one is it....but I know you other mommies know exactly what I am talking about.

This month has also been sweltering HOT. Like humid, sticky, 99-degrees-but-feels-hotter hot. We actually started the month off with a crazy storm that left us without power for 30 hours. Ohmigod. I didn't blog about it, but our house was like an oven. The whole family slept in the basement. There was no TV or Internet. I think when the power finally came back on, we let Anna watch her Pooh bear shows for 2 hours straight. That girl jumped for joy.

The Fourth of July was actually a good day, though.

Then potty training happened. I don't think Anna has ever cried so much. Or gotten so many treats. But oh man, those meltdowns, they were epic.

A week and half later, just when she was getting good at this potty stuff and we were all feeling happy about it, I woke up in the middle of the night realizing that I was coming down with mastitis again. So almost for the entire week, I hopped between my pumping station and the bed. I was sick, short-tempered, and angry about the whole thing. But I am all better now.

Which brought us to this weekend.

The weather was damp yesterday, but nice today. I was determined to take the kids some place to burn off energy and to just laugh. So with my mom's help (hubs stayed home with his dad to work on the bathroom), we went to ride the carousel (twice). Then to McDonald's later for fries.

Fingers crossed that happier & HEALTHIER days are ahead.


  1. Tile and Thin-SetJuly 23, 2012 at 7:14 AM

    Can't wait till all this bathroom remodel is done and I can have my free weekends again. Will most likely hire someone to do the next one. But glad to see the kids had fun getting out of the house.

  2. :( Hope the last bit of the month gets better! I'm fearful of mastisis. Did you ever get it with Anna?

    PS. that balance beam looks awesome!

    1. Never. I would get milk ducts, but never chills, body aches, or exhaustion. I hope that was the last time I will get it. I am planning to stop pumping soon, too.

  3. too bad your July was so hard. Here's hoping for a breezy August for you!

  4. 哇!我看到Grace了!


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