Monday, July 30, 2012

sister & brother

Just this past week, Anna and Will have started playing together! This is exciting news because it's so fun to watch them interact, but it is also a chance for us to get a break. The other day, I put the both of them in the crib and they entertained each other for a good 10 minutes (!!!) while I sat in the rocking chair and supervised. During bath time, the hubs put them both in the tub and they drum away happily. They make each other laugh with a game of tug of war.

As they get older, I dream of them playing with blocks, reading books, and building a fort. TOGETHER. In harmony. While hubs and watch TV. But then again, I don't remember spending time with my two older brothers like that. I just remember bickering with them. A lot. And my parents had to play referee.

Anyway, these pictures were taken at Meadowlark Gardens yesterday. Both kids woke up from their naps early and we still had the whole afternoon ahead of us. After a mostly rough July, it was nice to end it with a nice day out. We all enjoyed it.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

recently / the things i love

// future pianists? we will see. right now, the piano is just an excellent way to kill time.
future concert pianists
// i can't live, if living is without ella's kitchen smoothie fruit pouch. okay, not really, but it is such a convenient snack. anna eats it in the car and everyone is happy.
yum...the yellow one!
// hubs got a new job and a new phone so i inherited his old one. i am a few decades behind and this is actually my first smartphone. love that i can do all my blog reading, email checking, and browsing away from the computer. it's a brand new world.
love my *new* smartphone
// this is a 4T top, but perfect as a dress right now.
top turned dress

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

July in a nutshell

The month of July has been a tiring, annoying, and stupid month.

Between bathroom remodeling, potty training, and my pumping woes, this month has been mostly spent at home. I know I said it before that sometimes it's easier to just stay home with two kids, but sometimes it's also easier to just go out. I know...which one is it....but I know you other mommies know exactly what I am talking about.

This month has also been sweltering HOT. Like humid, sticky, 99-degrees-but-feels-hotter hot. We actually started the month off with a crazy storm that left us without power for 30 hours. Ohmigod. I didn't blog about it, but our house was like an oven. The whole family slept in the basement. There was no TV or Internet. I think when the power finally came back on, we let Anna watch her Pooh bear shows for 2 hours straight. That girl jumped for joy.

The Fourth of July was actually a good day, though.

Then potty training happened. I don't think Anna has ever cried so much. Or gotten so many treats. But oh man, those meltdowns, they were epic.

A week and half later, just when she was getting good at this potty stuff and we were all feeling happy about it, I woke up in the middle of the night realizing that I was coming down with mastitis again. So almost for the entire week, I hopped between my pumping station and the bed. I was sick, short-tempered, and angry about the whole thing. But I am all better now.

Which brought us to this weekend.

The weather was damp yesterday, but nice today. I was determined to take the kids some place to burn off energy and to just laugh. So with my mom's help (hubs stayed home with his dad to work on the bathroom), we went to ride the carousel (twice). Then to McDonald's later for fries.

Fingers crossed that happier & HEALTHIER days are ahead.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Will's Big Milestone

Will crawled on his hands and knees for the first time 3 days before he turned 8 months old - on 7/12/2012. I remember it exactly because hubs was in NYC and I texted him: Will is crawling on his knees today! Almost a week later, hubs asked me if I had recorded a video of Will's big milestone. I hadn't. :(

At last, we finally have it on videos now. The first one was taken on Thursday...moving like a little caterpillar. Then today, the second video, he's zooming a lot faster. I am afraid that in two more days, I wouldn't be able to keep up. We are in all sort of trouble with this guy. I already know it.

Here is a video of his sister's first crawl. Just for fun.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Will 8 Months Update

8 Months
This post was only supposed to be a day late, but I got hit with mastitis yet again four days ago. Although a lot milder than the first time, I still didn't have the energy to blog. I am feeling here we go with the 8 months update! My boy is getting so big!


If there is anything Will loves, it is eating. During mealtime, he bangs on the table for food. If we don't feed him fast enough, he lets out angry fusses. He seriously will eat whatever we put in front of him. I can only hope that his huge appetite carries through toddlerhood.

I thought it was hilarious that when he was sick for about 5 days this month, he still ate like a champ and didn't lose a single ounce.

He's drinks about 800cc of milk a day. After getting hit with mastitis for the THIRD time, I am so ready to just put my pump away. I am still pumping 3x a day and I can't wait until I don't have to do it anymore. Maybe I would actually get some free time back!


Hip hip hooray! Will sleeps through the night now! Life is good. We put him down anywhere from 6:30 to 7p, depending on when he wakes up from his second nap, and he sleeps until 5 to 6a in the morning. I wish his wake-up time is a bit later, but I can't complain. If he wakes up at 5a, we can give him his bottle and he may fall back to sleep. If he wakes up after 5:30a, then he's up for good.

For a good part of this month, Will was napping terribly. Like 30 minutes per nap. But now we are gradually getting better again. Will is awake for about 2.5 hours before his first nap....then 3 hours before his second nap...then about 4 hours before his bed time.


The biggest milestone this month is that he went from belly crawling to crawling on 4s! It was pretty exciting to watch him figuring how to move around. There is such a big difference between Anna and Will. When Anna learned to crawl, she was very good about not touching cables/wires, staying away from the stairs, and generally staying in the same vicinity of where we put her. Will? I think we actually have to baby proof the house and buy those things that secure bookshelves.

He's also pulling himself up to stand. And he can climb the one step we have from the family room to the breakfast nook. Climbing the stairs is his next goal - I see him hanging out at the bottom of the steps a lot.

He loves to explore and touch things. We plop him on the floor, give him a ball, and he can entertain himself for a while.

He's makes tons of cute noise. Sounds like lalala and mamama and dadada.


The only headache we deal with Will is his never-ending eczema. We have used all sorts of cream on him, but nothing really works 100% since he rubs his face in the crib as he falls asleep. Whenever it gets a bit better, it gets bad again. He has had these red rash-y skin around his mouth for basically the entire month. But regardless, I am his Mama and I think he's one handsome little guy!

Life with Anna

With only 20 months between them, I hope Anna and Will will be good playmates later. He already loves to follow Anna around like a pesky little brother. And like a typical brother, he gets into her things so we hear a lot of "Will! No touch Anna's stuff!" But Anna is also so helpful with Will. She brings him toys and offers him food. Once they start really playing together, hubs and I may actually able to relax.
8 Months
I say this all the time, but I really need to enjoy these moments because they are fleeting. And take more pictures! And more videos! Hug him more. Squeeze him more. It's such a bittersweet moment. I want him to grow up so us as a family can have fun adventures together, but I also want him to remain itty-bitty so I can hold him in my arms forever. I guess the next best thing is to just enjoy each stage as they come.

Love my little guy.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Potty Training Saga continues...

We are now 1.5 weeks into this potty training and here are the latest happenings.

: Anna can now take off her pants and sit on the potty chair all on her own.
: Wiping and putting on pants is still a bit iffy, though.
: Alternatively, she can also get on the toilet trainer using the stool.
: When we are out, she uses a little travel potty I just bought for her.
: We have successfully gone out 4 times. All without accidents! Using public restrooms!
: Granted they were small outings to story time, grocery store, the mall, and art class.
: Using the potty for number two is getting to be less traumatic.
: The past few days now, she averages less than 1 accident a day.
: Overall, there still some resistance to using the potty, but I am super proud of her!

We still need to work on:

: Teaching her to TELL US when she needs to go. Right now we still need to remind her.
: Or even better, to have her just go on her own since she can do everything herself.
: Do a better job of announcing whenever WE use the potty. Talk about it often.
: Keep up with giving her prune juice every day.

Without a doubt, Anna understands that pee pee and poop go in potty. She also understands that she only wears underwear now and only baby Will wears diapers. But I think, like a typical toddler, she just doesn't want to take the time to go use the bathroom when she could be playing. I hope she will eventually go all on her own, because I don't consider her potty trained if we have to remind her every single time.
Pardon me for all the potty talk lately! I have become quite a mommy blogger. I just think that it will be beneficial to have this written down when it's time to train Will. Speaking of Will, he turned EIGHT months old today. And he's crawling. On HANDS and KNEES crawling. Full update tomorrow.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Potty Talk

just potty
I wish I could say that Anna was potty trained in 3 days, but we are almost a week in and we are still just truckin' along. There has been lot of whining and crying over at our house lately. So...potty training? I. Hate. It. It's not over yet, but I thought I would write down some of the details before I forget.

Last Wednesday, after a successful pee in the potty, I put Anna in underwear. That day, I sat her down on the potty every 25 to 30 minutes. I was surprised and happy that she pee'd nearly every time! And every time she did, I cheered along with her and awarded her a sticker. She was all smiles and loving it!

Gradually, I increase the time between how often I put her on the potty. Now we are up to 75 to 90 minutes. While she still doesn't tell me when she has to use the potty, if I ask her if she needs to use the potty, sometimes she will respond with a yes! She had accidents the first few days. When that happened, I used that as a learning opportunity and rushed her to the potty so she could finish there. The big good news is that she hasn't had a pee accident in the last two days!

Poop training, on the other hand, has proven to be the biggest headache ever. Anna is constipated that she has a hard time using the potty for number two. So far, she has only pooped in the potty three times. Twice she started pushing in her underwear and Grandma acted fast enough for her to finish in the potty. The one other time she actually sat on the potty and pushed. All the other times? Not so successful.

Every day is the same: Whenever she feels the urge, she whines and cries and says, "No panties. Panties off." This is my clue that she needs to poop. I put her on the potty and she wants down because it hurts to push. We try to be patient and have her just sit for a while, but nothing happens. So we put her down. Whines and cries resume. Then FINALLY, she either goes in her underwear or starts pushing in her underwear and finishes in potty. But TODAY, she finally sat on the potty and pushed, from beginning to end. Not without many tears, though. It was so sad to watch.

So yes, it has been rough. We have been housebound for a week now (except for the art class on Sunday). I think if it wasn't for her constipation, we would be much further along! If this continues, I will need to talk to the doctor. Anyone has any ideas? I know prune juice helps, but girlfriend doesn't drink much of it.

Oh, and she only gets diaper during nap and night. Since Day 1, she wakes up with dry diaper after nap, but full diaper in the morning.

I am not ready to give up yet. We are already a week in....I can't imagine starting from scratch again a couple months later. Potty training has pretty much taken over my life. I can't wait until we are done. I am sure Anna too.
Celebrating with balloons after collecting 11 stickers.
Stack of panties // Homemade reward chart

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

how we are left with a burnt mark

It sure was nice to get a break in the middle of a work week. Hope you all had a relaxing holiday!

Ours was spent on bathroom remodeling and potty training. I haven't mentioned it yet, but we are hubs' dad is remodeling our master bath. When it is all said and done, our previously one-sink bathroom will become a two-sink spa! I am psyched.

And regarding potty training.... We are seriously going to give it a shot now...I think. Up until now, we only put Anna on potty before bath time (while waiting for the water to warm up). But it's time to get down to business. So far, we've had a handful of accidents, but I hope to see progress at the very least. I will dedicate an entire post about our experience as soon as we get more days under our belt.

So overall, it was a good day. Made even better because hubs' mom was here to help out with the kids. We ate tons of watermelon, corn, and chicken wings. No BBQ for us this 4th. It was too hot and muggy. And the bathroom and the running back & forth to potty kept us busy all day long. We did cap off the day with Anna's first sparklers, though.

Here is how it all went down:

We handed Anna the sparkler and told her it was a big candle. She had been asking about candles because we used them during the power outage the other day. She was excited to hold the sparkler. Hubs lit the sparkler and it started to flare. She was amused. Then it began to pop. She freaked out, dropped the sparkler, and ran into hubs's arms in terror.
The sparkler left a burnt mark on our front stoop.
We couldn't convince her to hold another sparkler for better pictures so this is all we got.
Happy 4th of July!

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