Will 7 Months Update

7 Months
On the day Will turned 7 months old, he developed a high fever and was sick for the next couple of days. I didn't get around to take his monthly picture. He's finally better now and I am just getting a chance to sit down and write this post.


I can't believe that Will is still getting 100% Mama's milk. Every time when I think that I will need to supplement soon, he skips a middle-of-the-night feeding, which leaves me with extra to carry over. All in all, he gets about 800cc of milk daily. In addition, he gets two or three meals of solids. I had planned to do baby led weaning, but it's just easier to mash up some food and spoon feed him. But on top of mushy food, we feed him whatever we eat, too. Fish, fried chicken, biscuits, vegetables, rice, noodles, tons of fruits, pudding, chocolate. He eats it all.

I hope he continues his good eating habit and doesn't give me any trouble with food as he gets older.


Seven months in and Will still wakes up 1-2 times a night. Most evenings, we put him down between the hours of 6-7p and he wakes up at 11ish for a feeding. Then again around 4-5a. Getting up to feed him isn't too bad since we put him right back down in the crib. And hubs and I divide and concur (he usually takes the first shift and I take the second) so we still get a good stretch of sleep each. Still, wouldn't it be nice to have a baby who sleeps through the night?!

As for naps, he gets two of them. They are usually 1.5 hours long. Sometimes more if he didn't get 12 hours of nighttime sleep. We use the pacifier in the crib to calm him to sleep.


Will doesn't have any teeth, but I think he's teething. He had a fever for a couple of days, slept poorly, and kept on touching his gums with his tongue. I am on a look out for those teeth! He has also started to belly crawl and can wiggle himself across the room. Will still can't sit for a very long time, but he can almost put himself to a sitting position. Girls tend to hit physical milestones faster than boys and this is definitely the case with us. Anna was already pulling herself up to stand at this point! But Will is making progress so I am not worried. Besides, he's my last baby so I am just trying to enjoy it as much as possible.

According to our home scale, he weighs just under 20 pounds. He's still big, but growing slower now. I don't think he will be more than 24 pounds by the time he turns 1, which is just normal.
7 Months
7 Months
7 Months
Will is at a great stage right now and is just becoming more and more fun. His goofy smiles melt my heart. If he wasn't so heavy, I would love to just hold him all day long and soak him up!


  1. Happy 7 months to the little chunky monkey! He looks like he's going to be a goofball when he gets older. And Anna's hair is getting so long and beautiful to go along with those jet black eyes of hers. Also, happy belated Father's Day to "baba!"

  2. What a cutie! I am looking forward to the day I have two little ones sleeping through the night as well. Having to wake up again every night is giving me the most anxiety towards having baby #2 come. I'm just so used to sleeping these day!

  3. Kids 1 - Parents 0June 20, 2012 at 4:23 PM

    What an odd little creature that one is. He keeps us up late at nite, his heft strains our backs, and his eczema is costing us a small fortune in creams. Nevermind the nasty diapers, spit ups, and loud screams - but once he smiles, he's got us all wrapped around his chubby little fingers. How can you compete with that?

  4. Regardless of his weight... that smile is so light and cheery!


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