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Will is 6.5 months old and is just happy as can be. We rarely have to get him to smile for the camera!

He loves his family, especially his sister. It seems like he's more tolerable with us putting him down when Anna is around. Also, he really likes it when we bring him to our bed in the early morning. He's still working on sitting up, but gets up and rocks on 4s more often. We help him stand and he can last a while as long as he has something to support.

Will is a little piggy, but he's actually only in the 75 percentile according to his latest check-up. He gets angry when he sees us eating but not feeding him. So to appease him, we just give him a lick of what we are having. He has had mashed potatoes (from IKEA), scrambled eggs with ketchup, and noodles.

He likes to screech at the top of his lungs, no matter his mood. Maybe we have an opera singer on our hands?

Yes...6.5 months old and just the best. And no, I am not at all biased. ;)


  1. Not sure how we managed to make such a cute laid back little guy. Then again, he may start going ape shit like his sister once he turns 2 as well. ...sigh...


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