I can't believe the bad luck. It has only been a month and Anna is sick again. With that awful hand foot mouth disease AGAIN!

Only this time, it's hardly as bad. She had a day of high fever last Wednesday and, three days later, a sore appeared on the tip of her tongue. But luckily, unlike last time, no other sores have yet popped up. So I am hoping that it's a mild case.

But regardless...

She eats poorly, cries inconsolably, and has a really bad case of mood swings. SIGH.

We stayed in all weekend. Although she still has spurts of happiness, taking her out when she feels lousy is just asking for trouble. Saturday was actually a very good day. The whole family spent time in the basement where it was cool and we all had a lot of fun. Sunday...oy vey...I think there was some kind of meltdown every 10 minutes.

Last time it took 7 days for her to recover. We are on Day 5 today. Two days left? I hope.
Side notes:
1. My kids are so cute!
2. I finally succumbed and joined Pinterest. I am at pinterest.com/su9su9/. sugarlens was taken. :(


  1. Oh poor thing! And you guys too. Thankfully we've never had it, sounds horrible! take care.

    p.s. i'll find you on pinterest. I'm addicted :)

  2. Oh no, again?! Get better soon, Anna!!

  3. Aww I hope she's feeling better by now! And it's funny, about three different bloggers all posted about how they just joined Pinterest. Welcome to the club :)


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