easy as 1-2-3

Anna can recite (1, 2, 3....all the way to 20) and identify (0-9) numbers, but can't truly count.

Like: If I ask her to hand me a X number of crayons, she can't do it without my help. Or if I give her marbles to count, she usually skip a few numbers. But if I write down a number and ask her to identify it, her accuracy is almost 100%. And I hear her recite numbers (in English and Chinese) perfectly as she goes up and down the steps.

So, as I said, she doesn't truly know how to count. She doesn't know the difference between 3 or 8 or 10. Or at least...I don't think so.

I feel like a smarty-pants for coming up with this activity to help her learn. No explanations needed, I am sure. The whole point is to help her 1) associate numbers with objects and 2) learn numbers are not all equal!


  1. This is brilliant! Ephram is the same way with his numbers right now. We got a good book that has him counting things in it, but he still doesn't seem to get it. I think something more physical would be helpful. Definitely going to try!

  2. nice, simple approach! Lauren can identify her numbers and can count objects up to about 2 or 3 but not consistently. They figure it out!


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