I know it's partly our fault, but I categorize Anna as a poor eater. She eats in small quantities and, not only that, she's reluctant to self feed. I know we can't blame her entirely since she has always stayed home, pampered by Grandma, who will feed her every bite. And while I was on maternity leave, I continued that trend because it was just easier than fighting. So as a result...we have a 2-year old who can't eat on her own without supervision.

The other problem is getting her to actually eat the food that I give her. Maybe she's just bored with the menu, but man, it's so hard to come up with new stuff to cook. Honestly? Parenthood would be a breeze if I didn't have to worry about feeding her.

Anyway, I thought I would try my hands on making bento-style lunchboxes. See my inspirations here. It's basically a way to offer a variety of food in smaller quantities, in bite sizes, and in a visually appealing way. So far I haven't actually INTRODUCED any new foods to her, but I am having fun making her meals/snacks a little prettier. :)

This was her afternoon snack from yesterday. She ate it all. Self-fed, without me nagging. She ate the crackers first. After all that salt, she ate the fruits. Exactly how I predicted.
This was her breakfast from this morning. She ate nearly all the french toast, hardly touched the turkey, and ate the strawberry. Later she shared a turkey and cheese sandwich with hubs and I gave her a muffin cup of grapes. All self-fed, without me nagging.
I think this method of serving her food works really well with snacks, but not so much with her regular meals. It's hard to make Chinese food pretty, but I am going to try. I already ordered a few more supplies and will report back later!

Question: What do you feed your toddlers? I need ideas.


  1. I love the Bento idea! And it seems like you're making progress!

    Ephram's a fairly good eater, and I've been attempting to make him eat more of what we eat instead of making anything separate for him. But sometimes it's just easier to cut up bits of this or that and give it to him. Most often, breakfast is peanut butter on toast or plain oatmeal with honey + a banana or strawberries or blueberries. Oh, and he loves eggs (scrambled with cheese or hard-boiled). Lunch, I usually make a bagel sandwich for myself and give him pieces of turkey, cheese, bagel, and fruit. I always have tomato and avocado on my sandwiches and he always asks to try, but rarely does even though I give him a piece of each every time. And then dinner, like I said, we've been trying to force a policy of at least trying one bite of each item of the dinner I make, but sometimes we give in and provide cut up pieces of lunch meat, fruit, veggies, cheese. Sometimes we have to bribe him to try the food by telling him he can have a dessert if he eats everything on his plate. But there are times that this isn't even enough to make him eat everything. Dinners are definitely the hardest meal.

    1. We give in to Anna a lot because 1) she's a small girl and 2) she throws up easily so whatever food we can get in her is good. I think we have learned from Anna and will train Will to be better.

  2. Cute Joyce! Hey anything that gets a kid to eat is a good idea in my book! I agree, though, works well with snack foods, fruit & veggies, and sandwiches and even sushi, but not with Chinese food! Good luck! Would love to see your progress on this on the blog.

    When I was visiting Seattle there was a $1 store with just Japanese products. It was great. Had all kinds of bento box stuff. Do you have that in your area?

    1. No...nothing like that here. Thank goodness for online shopping.

  3. 妳好棒!柏凱也要吃.....

  4. 存錢中.....
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