baba's day

Baba's Day 2012
baba's day 2012 was sweet, even though we got one sick kid on our hands.
(it's Will this time...we think he's teething.)
i love that Anna could say "happy baba's day" to hubs this morning.
we celebrated with fried chicken + biscuits. oh, and naps. long naps for 3 of us.
(1 of us played on the ps3 instead.)
these pics pretty much sum up how good hubs is with the kids.
they are lucky to have a doting father who plays games with them.
i love to just sit back and watch.


  1. What a great little day. It started with some cries and tears from the usual suspects, but things held together till the very end. Just 364 days to go until the next one.

  2. My parents just picked up a tent which they pitched up in the backyard for the girls. They love it!

    Sounds like the perfect father's day!

  3. :) Looks like Baba was sooooooo happy!

    :) And its easy to see why!


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