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The kids woke up super early today - think 5:45a - but luckily they were contented with just laying around. Look at that sumo baby on the bed! The scale read 19 pounds last night.
Lately, as soon as Anna opens her eyes, she asks for books. So giving her a couple of books can buy us at least 20 minutes of freedom. She loves to "read" to herself and I love to watch. She's starting to recognize some words, like Pooh or Buzz or Christopher Robin. Yeah, she's a Winnie the Pooh fan through and through. She was reading really well...until I took out the camera...then she started singing instead.


  1. sweet singing!!
    they do get up early, don't they!

  2. We need to do something about this new schedule of theirs. Maybe it's a spring thing or something. And yes, Nanna and her singing. I wonder how long this phase will last?


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