playing Poohsticks!

My mom works for the local county park authority and has all the inside scoop on what events are being offered at the parks. When she saw this event - Wagon Ride to Poohsticks Bridge - offered at nearby Riverbend Park, she signed me & Anna up. She knows Anna is crazy about all things Pooh Bear-related.

It was an easy event for tots. We listened to the story of Pooh and his friends dropping pine cones into the river. Then it was a 20-minute wagon ride through the (hundred-acre) wood to the Poohsticks Bridge. Then we picked up some sticks, walked to the bridge, and dropped the sticks into a stream that runs into the Potomac River.

In the end, I am not 100% sure if Anna made the connection of what we were doing to her favorite silly ol' bear, but she was very excited through it all. When she ran out of sticks, she kept on going back for more. Unfortunately, the stream wasn't flowing so the sticks just sort of floated instead of running down. Oh well...we both liked this outing like Pooh likes his honey hunny.

Thanks Grandma for sponsoring the excursion!


  1. Glad you both had fun!

  2. that's one of my favourite Pooh stories! I can see how exciting throwing sticks over the side of bridge could be very entertaining, indeed!

  3. Anna suddenly grows up...


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