Park & SHAVED ICE (!!!)

I don't think this morning's outing could have gone any better.

We left the house just before 10a for a new-to-us park - Cabin John Regional Park in Maryland. We only went to the playground area....but Anna really enjoyed it. She's such a kid now that every time we get in the car, she asks for park. So taking her to any playground is a guarantee win. But today, even Will had his first ride in the swing. He did awesome -- just look at that smile! There are tons of picnic tables so I can definitely see us coming back with food next time.
The real reason why we went to Maryland was to check out this shaved ice place. Hubs recently connected with a former coworker of his and found out that he's the owner of Sno Dream.

Now, growing up in Taiwan, I have always liked shaved ice, but can take it or leave it. The shaved ice at Sno Dream, though, is something else. I totally LOVE it. It's light, creamy, and fluffy. Instead of using just regular ice, the "ice" is actually ice cream-like, which makes all the difference.

We ordered a large (mango ice w/ banana, strawberry, mango, and condensed milk) to share among the four of us. Will was a fan, but I think Anna only liked the strawberry topping. Then hubs buddy (the owner) showed up and gave us some freebies (taro ice w/ toppings and green tea ice w/ toppings). I loved them ALL. Seriously, if this place was located at the mall closer to us, I would go all the time. And that's saying a lot for a cheapskate like me.
I ate most of of these two cups because hubs was chatting with his friend. So YUM.
So as I said, it was a great outing. The kids had fun and our bellies were happy + full.


  1. sounds like a good day for sure!
    i'm generally not a fan of shaved ice, but yours looks pretty awesome!

  2. Fun!! Ooh, we have a shaved ice place near us that was even on a Food Network show, but we haven't tried it yet. Think we'll have to this summer when it gets super hot. But I don't think they are nearly as fancy as Sno Dream! Looks awesome!

  3. Yup, great little weekend pitstop. And actually, snodream is more like shaved ice-cream than just plain old shaved ice. But yes, yummy stuff!

  4. Hi, I'm trying to contact the owner of snodream. I'd like to open a cafe that feature shaved ice and would like to pick his brain. you can reach me at


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