Mama's Day 2012...

Overall, it was a nice day filled with good weather, smiles, and fun. Interspersed in there was some fussing from Will and irrational tantrums completed with screaming from Anna. Lots of tears, lots of yelling. Haha, pretty much the epitome of my life right now.

It's such a cliche thing to say, but being a Mom is the hardest job I have ever had and probably will ever have. A lot of times I just want to forget it all, go hide under the covers, and take a nap. But unlike my outside job, I don't get time-off. I don't get to call in sick. It's also a cliche thing to say, but being a Mom is the best. To watch them learn, discover, laugh, and play. I am pretty sure there is nothing else better out there.
More images from my THIRD Mama's Day.


  1. It's only cliche because it's so true. Being a mama is definitely hard, but none of us would do it if it wasn't so awesome at the same time. :)

  2. What a weekend, lots of ups and some downs, but we're all learning how to best live with our expanded family. Most of all, mama has been doing a great job keeping everyone together. Yup, that's what mama does best!


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