Will 5 Months Update

Will turned 5 months old the other day and I am just getting around to write his update. Life is busy busy busy. After the kids are asleep and the chores are done, I always pick vegging out instead of blogging. Blogging is something I wish to continue just because I love to share, but I wonder just how well I can keep up once I return to work. Regardless, I will continue to post monthly updates of Will until he turns 2. I want to remember every little bit of his babyhood.


Will's sleep is not bad. We put him down between 6:30 to 7p and he wakes up for the day around 6:30-7a. That's 12 hours of sleep in the crib. He still wakes up 1-2 times for a bottle, but we can just put him back down immediately afterwards. Recently, he has been waking up a lot more, but we just have to shift him a bit and he falls back to sleep on his own.

He takes either 2 big naps or 2 medium naps and 1 small nap.


Now that he's sleeping more regularly, it's typical that he gets 6 bottles a day -- 160cc each. He can definitely drink more if we let him, though. I am surprised that he's still exclusively on Mama's milk even though I was hit with mastitis TWICE! My supply dropped both times, but I was able to supplement with my frozen stash. I return to work in 2 weeks and I know formula days are ahead of us. Either way I give myself a pat in the back for making it this far.

I will start offering solids soon. He watches our every move when we eat and gets angry fussy like he wants some. So I know he wants to try, but I just want to wait a few weeks until he can sit up more properly.


Will is a happy and content baby most of the time. He will smile and babble when I sing or talk to him. But sometimes he's super high maintenance and demands to be held all the time. It's definitely still too early to tell what kind of personality he will have, but I am eager to find out. When he's in a fussy mood, one sure way to cure that is to take him out. Yesterday we spent 20 minutes after dinner walking around the neighborhood before bath time. Oh, and letting him watch our pet goldfishes does the trick, too.

He has also become such a busybody, constantly tracks his family around the room with his eyes, turns his head towards any voices or sounds. He's really alert. More so than Anna.


When Anna was 5 months old, she already rolled both ways, sat up with hands on the floor for support, and got up on 4s. She was also good with her hands and grabbing everything in sight. Will slumps over in his Bumbo, he’s not very good at holding toys (but he will grab his bottle and shove it into his mouth), and he's still working on rolling over (back to front). The only thing he has mastered is chomping on his fingers. He still seems like such a baby to me! It's no big deal, he will get there on his own schedule. I am just enjoying each stage as they come.

Not only I love my little man, but I also like him so much! I like to cuddle with him. Or bury my face in his tummy. Or kiss his cheeks. Or squeeze him tight. I just can't enough. :)
5 Months
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  1. That chubby face is adorable. So fun hearing the differences between Will and Anna. :)

  2. I wonder why there are never any updates on yours truly? Oh well, unlike these cute little babies, I'm still the same old grumpy guy I've always been. Good thing there's a happy family around me to keep me straight in life. Still can't believe its already been 5 months since Will showed up. If only there was a way to slow things down...


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