water + slide

We took Anna and Will to Burke Lake Park today. It was such a sunny day so I am glad we got out a bit. This short little trip was actually pretty good. It was Will's nap time when we all piled into the car and he catnapped for about 20 minutes on the way there. He woke up once we got there, but the nap was enough and he was content the entire time we were at the park. And on the way home, he napped again! Talk about luck. We made it through the outing without any cries from the kids. If that isn't a success, then I don't know what is.

Anna is so easily amused. Give the kid some water and a playground and she is all good. I love simple trips like this. It is hassle-free and completely....well, free!


  1. Glad the family got out to enjoy such a beautiful day. Nice smiles!

  2. I'm always amazed by how much fun Anna can manage when she has a source of water nearby. Too bad she hasn't mastered joys of a potty yet.

  3. Anna does look super happy splashing away and rock climbing! She's going to be needing swim lessons soon!!


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