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Re-growing your own green onion? So easy. Just plant the white root part and watch the green top grow. It is handy and practical. I love going outside with scissors and cut just exactly what I need. herb garden
Anna and Will's new train table - handmade by YeYe (hubs' dad). train set If I had a penny for each time he smiles. always happy While Anna wasn't feeling well earlier this week, I relied a lot on TV. At least she was learning some Chinese. IMG_4945


  1. What an awesome train set! & woah, Winnie the Pooh in Chinese?! That's so awesome.

  2. I don't really garden, but my dad does. I get the best of both worlds. I don't have to remember to water anything and in the summer, I go home every weekend with some different homegrown veggies.

    That train table is awesome! great job YeYe!

  3. That's a wonderful table! I think the "big" kid was having the most fun with the trains!


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