lately / hoppy easter

Anna's first Easter Egg "Hunt"...she went head-to-head with other tots and got 4 eggs all by herself.
Easter Egg "Hunt"
Thanks Grandma for the lovely Easter basket. She shouted, "Char Brown!" when she saw the book.
Easter Egg Basket
Dyeing the eggs was a success simply just because none got cracked!
Dyeing Easter Eggs
Four Eggs
Hope your weekend is filled with lots & lots of eggs!


  1. that looks like a serious egg hunt. look at all those spectators! go Anna go!

  2. Funny how playing with eggs on easter was something we did with Anna this year. I've only done stuff like this eons ago back in elementary when I was a wee lad. Never thought I'd be blowing eggs again.

  3. :) Looks like she enjoyed dying her fingers too! Bonus points!


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