A Drive-By Update: Week Twenty-Three

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Will has been doing so well lately. He's loving the solids world. So far, in addition to mushy rice, he has tried banana, mango, squash, and carrots. There is nothing that this boy doesn't eat. He's hilarious when we feed him. If there is too much wait time between each spoon, he lets out angry grunts. Oh, and instead of waiting for us to bring the spoon to his mouth, he moves his whole body forward as if he couldn't wait. So funny.

Will is just so cute to me right now. Round, chubby, and interactive. I just want to eat him up!
getting my nails done

Oh my, what a hellish week for her. Where do I even begin?

Poor girl got hit with hand foot mouth disease last Thursday and it took her one whole week to finally starting to feel better. For seven days, she didn't eat well (survived on doughnuts, ice cream, and some Asian jelly snacks). She utterly refused to drink (just mentioning water drove her to tears). She cried a lot (A LOT). She felt lousy and had a really bad attitude.

Each day was a battle. Her sleep disrupted. She lost weight. It was so tough for me to see. And so tough for me to deal with. I was constantly exploding in frustration and anger.


She's feeling much better now. She can chew again without cringing in pain. Now we just need to fatten her back up.
bing bing

This week was by far the hardest week in my two years of mamahood.

Anna and I were glued at the hip. I was there to calm every fuss. To force her to drink. To wipe her tears and snot. To feed her all the sweets she wanted. It was just bad timing that hubs happened to be traveling for work. Thank goodness for family help. I didn't have to worry about Will at all and just focused on Anna. I really don't know how moms with young kids do it without help. I would never survive.

I go back to work next Tuesday, but work is the last thing on my mind. When my maternity leave ended with Anna, I was ready. But I don't feel that way this time around. I just hope our new routine, whatever it may be, will work out.


  1. Aw, what a lousy week! At least it all happened while you were on maternity leave still and not after!

    1. Yup, that was the only bright side. Still....I should had been enjoying the last week of my leave!

  2. poor Anna. Hand, foot, mouth sound rough! I hope she feels better soon for all of your sake!

    I love that your hubby is filing Will's nails. cute!

    1. He actually does both kids' nails! Back when we had dogs, he cut theirs too. He's the groomer of the family.

  3. I hope Anna is all better now. Goodness, that sounds like a horrible thing to be sick with.

    Will is a sweety. I love this photo of him!


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