Cranky Anna & Happy Will

It's been a tough few days at our house.

It turned out Anna isn't teething. Instead she has developed canker sores on the tip of her tongue. She is moody, irritable, and downright ANNOYING. We are trying our best to be patient with her because I know she's miserable. But OMG, the littlest things set her off and we are all very frustrated.

Having a sick child is a fricking PAIN IN THE BUTT.

Fortunately, Will has been in a good mood. And he's soooo cute. Here he is bouncing happily and rolling over.

I guess things can always be worse. At least we don't have two sick kids.


  1. Cat's in the CradleApril 23, 2012 at 12:38 PM

    What a neat little happy squishy bouncy fella. Too bad he has to share the limelight with his fussy older sister this week. Need to make sure I spend more time with him before he grows up...

  2. The title of this post reminds me of a Sandra Boynton book: Happy Hippo, Angry Duck. :) Hopefully Anna's mood gets better quickly!

    1. Oh haha, you are right, I wish I was cleaver enough to use that as my post title.

  3. Goodness look at him bounce!!! I love the little light show!


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