A Big Day for Will

yay or nay?
Anna has been super grouchy the past two days. All signs point to teething. So, I made her mushy rice. Just some leftover rice cooked to mush in broth.

I wasn't planning on giving it to Will. But when he leaned forward after seeing Anna eating it, I gave him a spoonful to try. To my total surprise, he swallowed it. Especially since that although the mushy rice was soft and soupy, it wasn't pureed.

A spoonful actually turned into an impromptu first solids feeding for Will. Despite the faces he made, he actually did really well and finished the entire bowl. And screamed for more.

It's kind of funny because with Anna's first solids, I planned the entire thing out carefully. I knew exactly what I wanted to feed her, made it, sat her down, put a bib on, and had the camera ready.

With Will....well...the mushy rice wasn't even meant for him. And Grandma was halfway through feeding him when I said, "Oh! I should take pictures!"

Add this to my growing list of mommy fail.

It wasn't planned, but Will has entered the world of solids as of today!
First Solids
Also new today: he rolled over! Back to front. He did it twice before I went to get the camera and by then, he wasn't feeling it anymore. Hopefully to capture it next time! Go Will!


  1. The story of the second child, right? :) Go Will!

    1. Haha, yes, the story is all true. My husband and I are both the youngest in our families (he's the forth child and I am the third), we probably got even less attention! Luckily, we both turned out just fine....I think.

  2. Maybe it's time for us to reconsider that Costco or Sam's membership. If he keeps this up, we're gonna be needing to stockpile food every week.

  3. I wouldn't call it mommy fail....just 2nd child syndrome :) It happens to all of us. I think it gets worse with more children in the mix!


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