Sunday, April 29, 2012

lately / this weekend

Re-growing your own green onion? So easy. Just plant the white root part and watch the green top grow. It is handy and practical. I love going outside with scissors and cut just exactly what I need. herb garden
Anna and Will's new train table - handmade by YeYe (hubs' dad). train set If I had a penny for each time he smiles. always happy While Anna wasn't feeling well earlier this week, I relied a lot on TV. At least she was learning some Chinese. IMG_4945

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Friday, April 27, 2012

A Drive-By Update: Week Twenty-Three

A Drive-By Update - Week One, Week Six, Week Eight, Week Ten, Week Twelve, and Week Fourteen, Week Seventeen, and Week Twenty.


Will has been doing so well lately. He's loving the solids world. So far, in addition to mushy rice, he has tried banana, mango, squash, and carrots. There is nothing that this boy doesn't eat. He's hilarious when we feed him. If there is too much wait time between each spoon, he lets out angry grunts. Oh, and instead of waiting for us to bring the spoon to his mouth, he moves his whole body forward as if he couldn't wait. So funny.

Will is just so cute to me right now. Round, chubby, and interactive. I just want to eat him up!
getting my nails done

Oh my, what a hellish week for her. Where do I even begin?

Poor girl got hit with hand foot mouth disease last Thursday and it took her one whole week to finally starting to feel better. For seven days, she didn't eat well (survived on doughnuts, ice cream, and some Asian jelly snacks). She utterly refused to drink (just mentioning water drove her to tears). She cried a lot (A LOT). She felt lousy and had a really bad attitude.

Each day was a battle. Her sleep disrupted. She lost weight. It was so tough for me to see. And so tough for me to deal with. I was constantly exploding in frustration and anger.


She's feeling much better now. She can chew again without cringing in pain. Now we just need to fatten her back up.
bing bing

This week was by far the hardest week in my two years of mamahood.

Anna and I were glued at the hip. I was there to calm every fuss. To force her to drink. To wipe her tears and snot. To feed her all the sweets she wanted. It was just bad timing that hubs happened to be traveling for work. Thank goodness for family help. I didn't have to worry about Will at all and just focused on Anna. I really don't know how moms with young kids do it without help. I would never survive.

I go back to work next Tuesday, but work is the last thing on my mind. When my maternity leave ended with Anna, I was ready. But I don't feel that way this time around. I just hope our new routine, whatever it may be, will work out.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cranky Anna & Happy Will

It's been a tough few days at our house.

It turned out Anna isn't teething. Instead she has developed canker sores on the tip of her tongue. She is moody, irritable, and downright ANNOYING. We are trying our best to be patient with her because I know she's miserable. But OMG, the littlest things set her off and we are all very frustrated.

Having a sick child is a fricking PAIN IN THE BUTT.

Fortunately, Will has been in a good mood. And he's soooo cute. Here he is bouncing happily and rolling over.

I guess things can always be worse. At least we don't have two sick kids.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

A Big Day for Will

yay or nay?
Anna has been super grouchy the past two days. All signs point to teething. So, I made her mushy rice. Just some leftover rice cooked to mush in broth.

I wasn't planning on giving it to Will. But when he leaned forward after seeing Anna eating it, I gave him a spoonful to try. To my total surprise, he swallowed it. Especially since that although the mushy rice was soft and soupy, it wasn't pureed.

A spoonful actually turned into an impromptu first solids feeding for Will. Despite the faces he made, he actually did really well and finished the entire bowl. And screamed for more.

It's kind of funny because with Anna's first solids, I planned the entire thing out carefully. I knew exactly what I wanted to feed her, made it, sat her down, put a bib on, and had the camera ready.

With Will....well...the mushy rice wasn't even meant for him. And Grandma was halfway through feeding him when I said, "Oh! I should take pictures!"

Add this to my growing list of mommy fail.

It wasn't planned, but Will has entered the world of solids as of today!
First Solids
Also new today: he rolled over! Back to front. He did it twice before I went to get the camera and by then, he wasn't feeling it anymore. Hopefully to capture it next time! Go Will!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Will 5 Months Update

Will turned 5 months old the other day and I am just getting around to write his update. Life is busy busy busy. After the kids are asleep and the chores are done, I always pick vegging out instead of blogging. Blogging is something I wish to continue just because I love to share, but I wonder just how well I can keep up once I return to work. Regardless, I will continue to post monthly updates of Will until he turns 2. I want to remember every little bit of his babyhood.


Will's sleep is not bad. We put him down between 6:30 to 7p and he wakes up for the day around 6:30-7a. That's 12 hours of sleep in the crib. He still wakes up 1-2 times for a bottle, but we can just put him back down immediately afterwards. Recently, he has been waking up a lot more, but we just have to shift him a bit and he falls back to sleep on his own.

He takes either 2 big naps or 2 medium naps and 1 small nap.


Now that he's sleeping more regularly, it's typical that he gets 6 bottles a day -- 160cc each. He can definitely drink more if we let him, though. I am surprised that he's still exclusively on Mama's milk even though I was hit with mastitis TWICE! My supply dropped both times, but I was able to supplement with my frozen stash. I return to work in 2 weeks and I know formula days are ahead of us. Either way I give myself a pat in the back for making it this far.

I will start offering solids soon. He watches our every move when we eat and gets angry fussy like he wants some. So I know he wants to try, but I just want to wait a few weeks until he can sit up more properly.


Will is a happy and content baby most of the time. He will smile and babble when I sing or talk to him. But sometimes he's super high maintenance and demands to be held all the time. It's definitely still too early to tell what kind of personality he will have, but I am eager to find out. When he's in a fussy mood, one sure way to cure that is to take him out. Yesterday we spent 20 minutes after dinner walking around the neighborhood before bath time. Oh, and letting him watch our pet goldfishes does the trick, too.

He has also become such a busybody, constantly tracks his family around the room with his eyes, turns his head towards any voices or sounds. He's really alert. More so than Anna.


When Anna was 5 months old, she already rolled both ways, sat up with hands on the floor for support, and got up on 4s. She was also good with her hands and grabbing everything in sight. Will slumps over in his Bumbo, he’s not very good at holding toys (but he will grab his bottle and shove it into his mouth), and he's still working on rolling over (back to front). The only thing he has mastered is chomping on his fingers. He still seems like such a baby to me! It's no big deal, he will get there on his own schedule. I am just enjoying each stage as they come.

Not only I love my little man, but I also like him so much! I like to cuddle with him. Or bury my face in his tummy. Or kiss his cheeks. Or squeeze him tight. I just can't enough. :)
5 Months
5 Months B

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

just another day at the zoo

We woke up this morning and hubs suggested we go to the zoo. Usually it's me dragging him and the kids to places, so when he said that, I couldn't say yes fast enough. We were out of the door in less than an hour. A new record for us.

Overall it was a nice trip, but exhausting for the parents. We haven't invested in a double stroller yet so we had to carry Will the whole time. Hubs used the Bjorn carrier for a while, but it got too hot.... Anyway, we both got a serious arm workout by taking turns carrying our big baby boy. I think it's time to buy a new stroller, though, if we are going to be out more in the spring and summer.

Anna was in a non-walking kind of mood today so it was annoying, but I think she had fun seeing the animals. The turtles fascinated her. The highlight of the trip for me was definitely those fresh donuts we bought on the way out. They were warm and yummy. Too bad I had to share them with Anna.

A comparison: Same location, last May.
Me and my big 5-month old (today!) boy.
Snack time for both kids.
Passed out.
Having a laugh over donuts. :)

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

water + slide

We took Anna and Will to Burke Lake Park today. It was such a sunny day so I am glad we got out a bit. This short little trip was actually pretty good. It was Will's nap time when we all piled into the car and he catnapped for about 20 minutes on the way there. He woke up once we got there, but the nap was enough and he was content the entire time we were at the park. And on the way home, he napped again! Talk about luck. We made it through the outing without any cries from the kids. If that isn't a success, then I don't know what is.

Anna is so easily amused. Give the kid some water and a playground and she is all good. I love simple trips like this. It is hassle-free and completely....well, free!

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

lately / hoppy easter

Anna's first Easter Egg "Hunt"...she went head-to-head with other tots and got 4 eggs all by herself.
Easter Egg "Hunt"
Thanks Grandma for the lovely Easter basket. She shouted, "Char Brown!" when she saw the book.
Easter Egg Basket
Dyeing the eggs was a success simply just because none got cracked!
Dyeing Easter Eggs
Four Eggs
Hope your weekend is filled with lots & lots of eggs!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Drive-By Update: Week Twenty

A Drive-By Update - Week One, Week Six, Week Eight, Week Ten, Week Twelve, and Week Fourteen, Week Seventeen.


We must have paid our price early on because his schedule has been perfect lately. Napping almost every 2 hours on the nose for about 1.5 to 2 to 3 hours. On most days, he takes two big naps and wakes up from his second one between 3-4p. So the stretch between 3-4p to 6-7p (his bedtime) can be tiring since we are essentially just trying to keep him up during the last hour, but this ensures that he makes it until his midnight feeding. And then again around 3-4a. He isn't sleeping through the night, but I can live with this schedule.

Will is a super happy baby! And I just love love love his handsome smile and belly laughs. We get the cutest belly laughs when play peekaboo. He's still trying very hard to roll over (back to tummy), but his arm gets in the way. Haha, he gets frustrated when he can't make it so I help him along. He can be on his tummy forever now and is much more content in that position rather than on his back.
20 Weeks

This girl understands and knows a lot. When I put the bib on the table, she pulls out her chair and a chair for me. When she sneezes, she says, "Bless you, Anna." She wipes Will's drool off his face without being asked. I am forgetting a bunch Anna-isms and I am going to do a better job of jotting them down. Watching Anna become her own little person who can express her wants, needs, and feelings is so incredible.

Music is becoming a big part of her life. We are attending a music class that I signed up for her through the local rec center. She loves it. The class is small and she participates and laughs and has fun. Only $77 for 10 sessions. Totally worth it. There are so many other more expensive alternatives out there, but I am glad I picked this one.

She recently learned how to jump! Both feet off the ground. She had been trying for the longest time and she finally got it.

Also recently hubs cut her hair. She refuses to wear clips most of the time so we just cut it short so the hair doesn't get in her eyes. she looks like a little big girl now.

This picture is pre-haircut, though.

One word: Mastitis.

I am feeling a lot better now after 2 days of off-and-on chills, body aches, and fatigue. My milk supply took a major dive, though, which I read is very common with mastitis. It was majorly frustrating to spend twice as long per pumping session only to get half as much.

I rarely get sick and this is the first time since having Anna that I got physically so EXHAUSTED to spend any time with the kids. Instead I was in bed, either curled up from the chills or tossed and turned due to the aches. Horrible times. It made me realize that being sick just suck in general, but being sick with kids is just the worst of all. I don't wish it on anybody.

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