Will is 4 Months Old

Will is 4 months old! He's a monster baby, weighing in at 16 lbs 6 oz. He's 25 inches tall.

He has very good control of his head and can lift his whole chest off the floor. He can turn to look at things. He notices people when they walk into the room. And smiles a lot.

He is quite a chatterbox and, if I could, I would chat with him all day long. He also gets a kick out of it whenever I swing him back and forth on my knees. Extra giggles are guaranteed if I sing.

If he is awake, and if someone picks him up, makes eye contact with him, and talks to him… he will immediately goo and gaa. It is so so so cute.

We are still working on the rolling over business. It must be the few extra pounds he is sporting, but he can't seem to get past the back-to-side-to-back. Oh well...all in good time.

Time is flying by and I get a bit weepy and precious whenever I think that this will be the last time I get to cuddle a baby. But in the same second, I am looking forward to many many trips with the whole family in the future.
Will - 4 Months
Will - 4 Months


  1. Ah, what a cutie! Okay, Ephram was a huge chunker just like that, had that same outfit, and also had a very hard time rolling over for awhile. Crazy how similar they are!!

  2. Aww such a chunky monkey! He's adorable, Joyce. So happy to see everyone healthy and smiley.


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