just a video & a photo for now

We (minus Will) just got back from a week at Disney! It was a relaxing and easy trip -- traveling with an almost-two year old. Anna had a lot of laughs. We all did, actually!

But now we are home.

Luckily, we cleaned the house before we left so all we have to do now is re-stock the fridge and do a load of laundry. Should be doable before picking up Will from Grandma's tomorrow. Can't wait suffocate him with kisses - I missed my little man!

It will probably be a few days before I get my act together and sort through the pictures. In the meantime, here is a video of Anna spinning in the tea cup! She had so much fun.

And a photo of her and Mickey.
hanging out with Micky


  1. very jealous! disney is on my list of to-dos with the girls! looks so much fun!!

    1. Yup, lots of fun. Your girls will enjoy it for sure.

  2. What a great little vacation! Definitely a whole new experience with a little kid in tow. Still amazed she held up so well with the plan ride, the crowds, and the overall strangeness of theme parks. So what if she won't remember a thing, for this one week in time, we all had a nice fun time together. Next time, Will.

  3. Look all those smiles and those giggles must be contagious!


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