10 Things I Love About You, Will Edition

10 things I love about Will these days {at almost 4.5 months}:

1. He puts himself to sleep most of the time. It's the best. We just drop him in the crib and he dozes off.
2. Taking super long naps. At least 1.5 hours, but sometimes up to 3 or 4.
3. Trying so hard to roll over from back to tummy.
4. Tummy to back? Old news.
5. We put him completely flat on his tummy, he pushes himself up with his arms, brings his legs up, and gives little kicks.
6. So easily entertained. Giggles and squeals with delight when we munch on his cheeks just the right way.
7. His big bright brown eyes.
8. His fat rolls, squishy tummy, and soft cheeks.
9. The whole skin problem is finally getting better. Just hoping it doesn't flare up again.
10. Getting more and more coordinated & interested in the world around every minute.

And a bonus...
11. He really feels like a part of the family now.


  1. I love those cheeks! Makes me want to reach out to the screen and pinch them! super cute!

  2. I still find it strange how this little guy is always so happy. I don't recall Anna smiling this much when she was little. Just give this guy a second of your attention and he'll want more and more.

  3. Smiles. I love this photo. He looks right at you!


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