Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My sister-in-law is so talented.

She drew this for our family - amazing, right?
AND she is good with Anna, too. Sigh, I only wish they lived closer.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

10 Things I Love About You, Will Edition

10 things I love about Will these days {at almost 4.5 months}:

1. He puts himself to sleep most of the time. It's the best. We just drop him in the crib and he dozes off.
2. Taking super long naps. At least 1.5 hours, but sometimes up to 3 or 4.
3. Trying so hard to roll over from back to tummy.
4. Tummy to back? Old news.
5. We put him completely flat on his tummy, he pushes himself up with his arms, brings his legs up, and gives little kicks.
6. So easily entertained. Giggles and squeals with delight when we munch on his cheeks just the right way.
7. His big bright brown eyes.
8. His fat rolls, squishy tummy, and soft cheeks.
9. The whole skin problem is finally getting better. Just hoping it doesn't flare up again.
10. Getting more and more coordinated & interested in the world around every minute.

And a bonus...
11. He really feels like a part of the family now.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a walk in the park

The weather has been perfect lately that we went to Meadowlark Gardens twice last week. Meadowlark is our go-to place when the weather is too beautiful to stay inside. It's a short drive away and it's never crowded. Anna loves to walk around there. And Will....well, he doesn't care.

Speaking of Will, he has been here for 4 months now and I still don't have any pictures of him up around the house. Mommy fail. But I think we finally got some shots that are worthy of getting printed and framed. Hopefully it won't be another 4 months before I do that, though!
They are definitely related.
Sticking Out Tongue

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Will is 4 Months Old

Will is 4 months old! He's a monster baby, weighing in at 16 lbs 6 oz. He's 25 inches tall.

He has very good control of his head and can lift his whole chest off the floor. He can turn to look at things. He notices people when they walk into the room. And smiles a lot.

He is quite a chatterbox and, if I could, I would chat with him all day long. He also gets a kick out of it whenever I swing him back and forth on my knees. Extra giggles are guaranteed if I sing.

If he is awake, and if someone picks him up, makes eye contact with him, and talks to him… he will immediately goo and gaa. It is so so so cute.

We are still working on the rolling over business. It must be the few extra pounds he is sporting, but he can't seem to get past the back-to-side-to-back. Oh well...all in good time.

Time is flying by and I get a bit weepy and precious whenever I think that this will be the last time I get to cuddle a baby. But in the same second, I am looking forward to many many trips with the whole family in the future.
Will - 4 Months
Will - 4 Months

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Big 2

Anna Turns 2
I can't believe that two years ago we welcomed this little girl into the world. I still remember the tiny and quiet baby who slept nestled into my chest. Now she's a full-fledged little girl on the go.

She continues to fill our lives with joy. I love that our everyday is full with her smiles and laughs. She shows us what life is truly about.

Happy birthday, Anna! You are my sunshine.
Anna Turns 2

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Drive-By Update - Week Seventeen

A Drive-By Update - Week One, Week Six, Week Eight, Week Ten, Week Twelve, and Week Fourteen.


He's a poor second child who hardly gets any attention so here is long update on him.

Ever since we got Will's dry skin under control, he's a much happier baby. Our daily routine is rubbing him with petroleum jelly from head to toe during every diaper change. We actually tried a more expensive skincare product - Aquaphor - but it was causing more bumps on the face so we stopped. It can't be comfortable to have sticky goo on your skin 24/7 so I can't wait for warm weather to come and hopefully the end of his dry skin.

Will just eats and eats and eats. We finally stretched his feedings to every 3 hours during the day. We give him 140cc and he drinks it all. Sometimes we give him 160cc and he finishes that too. Sometimes even 200cc and, yes, he drinks every last drop. The bottom line? The boy will drink however much we give him. Most often, we give him 140cc to 160cc bottles just to control his intake. He's still getting up twice a night to eat after going down around 6:30p for the night and waking up around 7:30a for the day. On average, he drinks about 1000cc a day. Pretty nuts.

He takes about 2-3 naps a day. Either two big ones, or one big one and two small ones.

He's still 100% on a Mama's milk diet. My daily milk supply is just enough to feed him, but once a week I do need to dig into my frozen stash. Since I was away from him for 5 days during the Disney trip, my frozen stash is pretty much all used up. So basically, I will need to supplement with formula soon. It won't be much, maybe a bottle of formula a day, but it still bothers me since I never had to do that with Anna. Oh well, I think it's better for me to get over that rather than starving him.

Will loves attention. When we smile at him, he will often smile back. He also loves to be bounced and sing to. No real belly laughs yet, but lots of chuckles. When he shows his sleepy signs, all we have to do is put him in his crib and he falls asleep on his own. We hardly need to use the pacifier anymore, which is great.
Will - 17 Weeks

It's crazy how much she knows, understands, and remembers. Yesterday I took her birthday balloon away because she was playing with it instead of napping. I reasoned with her and thought I got her buy-in, but when I took it away, she cried. After she woke up, I asked her why she cried. She said it clearly, "Mama took balloon away." I was in disbelief. Not only she knew exactly which event I was referring to, she remembered and communicated it so effectively.

Now that we have two kids, I realized that things were so easy when we just had one. I just didn't know it at the time. I was able to focus all my attention on Anna, but now it is divided between two kids. It's just going to get harder once I return to work...I think.

But as hard as things are now, our family is full and complete and life is good with the four of us together.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Anna's Second Birthday Party!

We celebrated Anna's birthday yesterday with family. I was going for a colorful kind of party, sort of like rainbows, but I don't think it was well executed. But regardless, the birthday girl got to see the people who care about her the most in the world so it was all good.

It all started with this invitation I created in Photoshop and emailed out.
Anna 2nd Birthday Invitation
I made the cake layers and the cupcakes using cake mix. Hubs assembled the cake and frosted it. He also frosted the cupcakes, too. I love the sprinkles on top. It made the cakes fancier. And the candle was also a great extra touch. I thought they turned out very pretty. The cakes were moist because I added a pack of pudding mix.
Anna's 2nd Birthday Party
Anna's 2nd Birthday Party
Anna's 2nd Birthday Party
The colors mobiles above the table were made according to these instructions (I used card stock instead). Super easy to make. I took the card stock to FedEx to get it cut for a few dollars (total time saver) and hubs' mom sewed them. We used regular tape to hold them up to the ceiling. They made it through the day of the party, but now they are slowly falling down.
Anna's 2nd Birthday Party
I ordered food from a local Chinese restaurant - so yummy and no stress. i placed the order the day prior and my mom picked it up in the morning. The daffodils were cut from our front yard and arranged by hubs, the self-proclaimed florist of the family.
Anna's 2nd Birthday Party
We also had TONS of fruit, which added to the colorful theme.
Anna's 2nd Birthday Party
The lucky girl received lots of presents!
Anna's 2nd Birthday Party
So glad we got a family shot to remember the day.
Anna's 2nd Birthday Party
She was all smiles - through lunch, cake, and presents. But by 1:30ish, this was her saying goodbye to everyone. She was off for a nap. Party over!
Anna's 2nd Birthday Party
Although there were only 13 people in attendance and I really didn't do much to prepare, this is the last birthday party until she starts asking for it. Of course, to be fair, I am going to have to give Will a birthday party up to age 2 so my party planning days aren't behind me just yet!

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Disney 2012, Part III

WARNING: Lots of pictures and videos ahead.

Day 3 - EPCOT

This video was us getting ready in the morning. I don't usually post something like this - hubs in his boxers and our messiness - but I get tears in my eyes from laughing whenever I watch this and I just have to share. Okay...maybe it is only funny to us?

Of the four Disney parks, I consider EPCOT the least fun for kids. Especially little ones...the ones that are too young to ride the thrilling rides and too young to appreciate the World Showcase...like Anna.
Disney World 2012
However, Anna found fun in the small things.

Like this interactive play area with music and lights..

and pushing her own stroller...
Disney World 2012
and running in the gardens at UK.
Disney World 2012
She loved Morocco. Especially this fountain. Fact: Hubs and I never spent more than 5 minutes at the Morocco Pavilion when we visited on our own.

Here we are in France.
Disney World 2012
And in China.
Disney World 2012
Disney World 2012
We all had a full day of traveling around the globe! :)

She passed out in her stroller in the afternoon and hubs and I were able to enjoy a moment of quiet back at the hotel. This was probably the only time we got to eat in peace.
Disney World 2012
Disney World 2012
To be continued...

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Disney 2012, Part II

Although we have been to Disney World many times, this was the first time with a kid in tow. And it was.....wonderful! Normally, after a Disney vacation, we are all jaded and swear that we will never go again. (But only to go again a year later, haha) This time, however, we can't wait to go back! Seriously, I want to make this an annual thing. Yeah, wishful thinking.

Traveling with Anna was a piece of cake. She's so easy now. I can imagine that it would be more difficult to have fun with a baby - dealing with bottles, naps, etc. Or traveling with an older kid - dealing with complaints, personal preferences, etc. But with Anna (who's turning 2 next week), she's fine with anything and, really, she doesn't know enough to talk back yet.

She adjusted to everything quickly. A later nap? No problem. A delayed bedtime? Sure. I thought going to Disney with a kid would be so much trouble back when we were childless seeing parents pushing strollers. Nah, I was wrong. Can't wait to head back with 2 kids!

Day 2 - Animal Kingdom

We did a lot of walking around at the Animal Kingdom...
Disney World 2012
Disney World 2012
and taking pictures with the Disney characters.
Disney World 2012
I was surprised that she wasn't freaked out by them.
Disney World 2012
Meeting Pooh was a dream come true.
Disney World 2012
Then we went on my favorite safari ride.

She was too short for many of the other rides, though.
Disney World 2012
So it was more just taking silly pictures.
Disney World 2012
The day ended with her splashing in the pool.

Life isn't too bad for this little girl!

To be continued...

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Disney 2012, Part I

Our little trip to Disney World was partly our birthday present to Anna, but mostly because we, the adults, wanted a vacation. We debated between a cruise (just the two of us) or a Disney vacation (either with just one kid or both). In the end, going to Disney with just Anna made the most sense so we left Will at home with Grandma.

This truly was an enjoyable getaway. I think the reason why we all had fun was because we had no expectations. Hubs and I have been to Disney World too many times to count that we didn't have any must-dos. All we wanted was to get away from the daily grind and spend time with Anna and show her a good time. Everything was going to be new to her - including her first plane ride! - and we were all very excited.

A lot of people would probably argue that taking a 2-year-old to Disney is a waste since she won't remember a thing. And that's true. But that didn't matter to us because in the 5 days we were there, we had fun together. And she experienced so many new things!

Day 1 - Travel // Magic Kingdom

We didn't buy a seat for Anna, but we totally lucked out that no one sat next to us. So Anna had the freedom to crawl on us or sat on her own. She did so well. Nothing bothered her. She ate her chips and watched her cartoons. It was a crazy smooth first flight for her!
Disney World 2012
After the flight, it was waiting for the bus (or the Magical Express) to take us to the hotel.

Here is Anna striking a pose.
Disney World 2012
Upon checking in, she had the time of her life with this balloon.
Disney World 2012
The only thing that gave us problem during the trip was Anna's eating. I think she consumed basically nothing but fries and ice cream the entire week. But getting her to eat is something we battle with even when we are home so I am use to it.
Disney World 2012
We ate and napped and then it was off to the Magical Kingdom.
Disney World 2012
Prior to the trip, hubs had the foresight to expose her to at least one Disney character - Winnie the Pooh - and she watched The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh over and over again. So that was the first ride we got on and she bought herself a Pooh bear with Grandma's vacation money to her.
Disney World 2012
Then it was spinning tea cup and merry-go-round. Both rides were a hit with her!
Disney World 2012
We capped off the night with fireworks, Wishes.
Disney World 2012
Disney World 2012
To be continued...

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Friday, March 2, 2012

just a video & a photo for now

We (minus Will) just got back from a week at Disney! It was a relaxing and easy trip -- traveling with an almost-two year old. Anna had a lot of laughs. We all did, actually!

But now we are home.

Luckily, we cleaned the house before we left so all we have to do now is re-stock the fridge and do a load of laundry. Should be doable before picking up Will from Grandma's tomorrow. Can't wait suffocate him with kisses - I missed my little man!

It will probably be a few days before I get my act together and sort through the pictures. In the meantime, here is a video of Anna spinning in the tea cup! She had so much fun.

And a photo of her and Mickey.
hanging out with Micky

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