My Schedule as a SAHM (w/ a 22.5 month toddler and a 2.5 month old baby)

This schedule/pattern is for a typical weekday, while hubby is at work, but Grandma is here from 7 to 3. Grandma watches over Will while she's here and I spend time with Anna.

6:00 - 6:30am - I wake up to the sound of Will's fuss. I stumble out of bed and feed him.

6:30 - 7:00am - I don't try to put him back to sleep anymore, so I take him downstairs and change his diaper. I hold him while walking around the house doing random chores, such as feed fish and put dishes away.

7:00 - 7:15am - Grandma arrives. I hand over Will.

7:15am - I go back upstairs to pump. Anna may be awake by now. She lays in bed with hubs for a while. He changes her and takes her downstairs.

7:45am - I go back downstairs. I prep the bottles for the day.

7:45 - 8:30am - Anna and I watch Curious George and eat cereal together.

8:30 - 9:10am - We go back upstairs to read books in bed and get ourselves ready to go out.

9:10 - 9:30am - I fix and pack Anna's breakfast. She never sits still for meals so I feed her when we are out. We put on shoes and coats.

Around 9:30am - We head out! I try to take Anna out on most days to give her a breath of fresh air. We go to libraries, grocery stores, the mall, or the park when the weather is nice. To mix it up a bit more, I took her to a music show one time, which I am planning on doing it again soon. I feed her as she runs around.
By 11:30am - We arrive home. I ask Grandma about Will and fix Anna's lunch.

11:30 - 12:00pm - We eat lunch while watching her favorite videos (lately it has been Classical Baby: The Music Show) or reading books. As I mentioned before, she must be entertained during meals. It is tiring and frustrating.

By 12:15pm - She is all snuggled up in Mama bed (yes, she takes naps in my bed).

12:15 - 2:30pm - While Anna naps, I pump and shower. I clean up the kitchen. I may also prep for dinner. But on most days, after I shower, I take a nap with her.

2:30pm - Anna wakes up from her nap, which means nap is over for me too.

3:00pm - I start making dinner.

3:30pm - I feed Anna. Having a family dinner together is a thing of the past now that we have a new baby. I feed Anna whenever I have time and that's usually while Grandma is still here taking care of Will. After Anna is done eating, Grandma leaves.

3:30 - 5:45pm - Hubs and I take turns eating. He plays with Anna. I feed Will and try to put him down for a nap. I read to Anna. He gives Will tummy time. We both look at the clock at least 50 times.
5:45 - 6:15pm - Hubs showers with Anna while I entertain Will. Then I dry + dress Anna and give him Will. Then I dry + dress Will while Anna "helps".

6:15 - 6:45pm - Hubs read Anna books. I feed Will and walk him around to keep him calm.

6:45 - 7:00pm - Bed time for Anna. Maybe for Will, too. If not...

7:00 - 8:00pm - We take Will back downstairs and give him more floor time, if he's in the mood. If not, we both look at the clock at least 50 times.
8:00 - 8:15pm - I feed Will for the last time of the day and he is out.

8:15 - 8:45pm - I pump. I tidy up the kitchen and the family room.

After 8:45pm - Free time. Hubs and I may hang out and watch a movie together. Or I may just browse and blog, like what I am doing now.

10:30pm - Lights out for me.

Will has been good about sleeping long stretches at night lately. I (or the hubs) get up once (usually around 2am) to feed him. We make sure to burp him before putting him back down in the crib, but he doesn't need to be rocked to sleep.

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  1. Hmmm yeah, we're definitely gonna need some help once Mama goes back to the factory. 2 kids are just nuts, but Mama is hanging in there!

    1. Lots to think about...that's for sure. May is around the corner...

  2. sounds pretty hectic! I remember those early baby days when L was just a baby. hang in there. you just do what needs to be done and make it through. take care!

    p.s. love that smiling pic of Will. He's got a great smile!

    1. Yup, just have to get through the first year and things should get better. Although I wish he doesn't grow up so fast!

  3. You guys are lucky that Anna sleeps for 12 hrs a night and goes to sleep so early. Sasha goes to sleep between 10 and 10:30 - not because we are not disciplined, but because she is not tired before then. She naps for 2.5 hrs and wakes up at 4-4:30 - so she has plenty of energy to keep going until 10:30! Once she goes to bed, there is no time for us.

    1. Sasha is a night owl. She goes to bed later than me sometime.


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