My Favorite Children's Books!

I read it somewhere....the best children's books are the ones you don't mind reading over and over.

I couldn't agree more.

We have been checking out books from the library by the truckload. While there are more than several that are pretty good and Anna requests to read them again and again, there are only three that
I don't mind reading them repeatedly. In fact, both hubs and I enjoyed them so much that we actually bought them to add to our own little library. That's huge for cheapos like us.
children's books
1. Little Blue Truck - Such cute book with clever rhymes. For almost 3 weeks whenever we asked her what she wanted to read before bedtime, the answer was always blue truck. We didn't mind. There is so much to talk about from the pictures besides just reading the text.

2. Little Blue Truck Leads the Way - Since she enjoyed the first book so much, I got on Amazon and found that there is a sequel to the adventures of the Little Blue Truck. I checked it out from the library right away. Not as catchy as the first, but Anna likes it a lot and we gotta have both for the collection.

3. I Can Do It Myself - I picked this up from the shelves at the library randomly one day. Anna has been wanting to do everything herself lately so I figured she can probably relate to this book. She doesn't ask for this book as much as the Blue Truck books, but this is always the one I encourage her to read simply because I just love reading it.

With all these three books, she loves pointing to the pictures and adding her own commentaries. This is how we know that she's enjoying them, too.

Stay tuned, more books will come later - as I am sure we will discover as we go along. And of course, I would love to hear yours!


  1. Amazingly, I've never read any of those, and I've read a lot of kids books in the past 5 years! We'll have to check them out at the library. Our family favourites are the ones Sandra Boyton.

  2. We just received Little Blue Truck for my daughter's 2nd birthday and loooove it. So excited to see that there is another one in the series! Here are some of our favorite books (Anna is about the same age as our daughter so maybe she'll like them too):


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