A Drive-By Update - Week Twelve

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I have concluded: Will = Not an easy baby

He prefers to be held all the time. But just holding him isn't enough, I have to be standing. But just standing isn't enough, I have to be walking. But just walking isn't enough, I have to be swaying, too. On top of it all, this baby is chunky! He tips the scales at just over 15 lbs. So holding him constantly is no walk in the park. Props to Grandma who does it the majority of the day and I only have to take the late afternoon / evening shift.

Will doesn't nap too well either...but the silver lining of that is by 6:30p, he's ready to drop. So after Anna goes to sleep at 7p, we are free for the night. Oh, and I should also mention that Will is pretty good at putting himself to sleep for the night. We feed him, burp him, and drop him in the crib. He grunts and turns, but usually can fall asleep on his own. Same goes for any overnight feedings. That is huge for me!

Last week we finally moved him to Anna's old room. He was getting too heavy to sleep comfortably in the bassinet (pack 'n play). It was an easy transition and I think we all sleep better at night now.

Will fusses a lot, but on occasions when he's happy, it is the best! He coos and smiles. Just like this picture.
cute smile

She's becoming such a chatterbox. Repeating everything after us. Sometimes it gets annoying because we ask her questions, but she just repeats them back to us.

She also copies everything we do. She gives her bear pretend bottles, burps the bear, puts a pacifier up to the bear's mouth, rocks the bears, reads to the bear, and tells the bear: Bear, don't cry. It's okay.

Anna plays a lot by herself now, which is great. But I can't wait until Will is old enough for them to play together. Maybe things will get easier then?
@ Falls Church City Library

I am officially half way into my maternity leave. I don't want to be a SAHM, but going back to work will be tough. I don't know how I am going to handle it all. Being a SAHM isn't easy, but I can get stuff done around the house while the kids nap. Once I return to work, I won't have that luxury. I guess the weekends are just going to be a lot busier.... Oh well, I prefer not to think about this right now.

I am definitely enjoying my daily one-on-one time with Anna, but I feel like I don't pay much attention to Will since I don't take care of him until Grandma leaves for the day. Recently his scalp was so dry and irritated that he scratched and it bled. It was so sad. My poor boy needs more attention from us.

Anna & Will in the morning


  1. Well, with all that said we should be thankful that Will is are second and final kid, EVER!!!

    1. I don't know...I think either Anna should have a sister or Will should have a brother. haha.

  2. Will is such a chubby baby but so cute in that picture. I can imagine how hard it is to carry him all the time. He sounds very much like K. She was the harder baby of my two.

    1. You are brave. If Will was my first born, he would probably be my only child!


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