A Drive-By Update - Week Fourteen

A Drive-By Update - Week One, Week Six, Week Eight, Week Ten, and Week Twelve.

Looking back at my Drive-By Update posts, I wrote about Will being a fussy baby. He was so difficult to deal with that, on some days, I thought he had colic!

As it turned out, Will was just really uncomfortable with his dry, itchy skin. His scalp was flaky, his face was red and scaly, his body has little bumps all over. It took a few weeks of trial and error (no shower, all sorts of cream and lotion, bleach bath), but he's finally looking better, especially in the scalp and face. His body still has bumps so we will need to keep an eye on it. The doctor thinks it's eczema and gave us a few samples of body wash and lotion to try. In the meantime, I am putting Will on a 48-hour formula diet to make sure that it's not because of Mama's milk.

But even though his skin isn't 100% recovered, his spirits are. He naps better and wakes up happy and ready to play.

Here is a video of him being super cute.

Will is significantly more interactive now. When we give him attention, he immediately lights up. I've noticed that he watches Anna lot and is just enamored by her! I hope they grow up to be buddies.

We put the play kitchen in our screened-in porch because there isn't room inside the house. It was in the upper 60s today so we went out to play. She was content to play with her kitchen by herself, but I can only imagine how much more fun it will be once Will is old enough to play with her. For now, she will have to settle for bringing me plastic pizza and donuts.
Iron Chef

I am too tired to do an update on me. Will do it next time.


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