A Day Late

by Guest
At this stage in our lives, we don't get much time to ourselves anymore. As far as Valentines is concerned, that commercial holiday is no longer something we participate in. However, I still wanted to do a little something for you even though I was stuck in a hotel hundreds of miles away with a crappy internet connection yesterday. I wrote you a little something that all came together before I fell asleep last night. Hope enjoy it as much as I liked writing it...


Dear MaMa,

I cut my own hair the other day,
And now I have something to say.

Things are no longer the same,
But there's really no one to blame.

I found a piece of white hair on my head,
And now there's a third person in our bed.

My face hurts because she likes to kick,
But what can we do, "MaMa's bed" was her pick.

There's also a little boy that likes to scream,
God I wish this was all only a dream.

But for some reason I can't explain,
I'm still happy and not insane.

As long as you are by my side,
I can take it all in stride.

I'm just glad you are always there,
And I still like you in your underwear.

As a mother you are loving and sweet,
Even though we all leave you beat.

I look forward to more lazy days in bed,
With lots of grey hairs on both our heads.

Hey, I think I just used the same words again,
Oh well, this poem is about to end.

Just wanted you to know that I'll love you forever,
And yes, you are still lite as a feather.




  1. Haha, so cute. Thanks, babes!

    And yes, definitely looking forward to those lazy days in bed again. Maybe once the kids are older....

  2. Beautiful sentiment.

    :) So nice to see a young couple in love.


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