Anna - 23 Months

Here is a long update of Anna's development, as she is less than a month away from turning 2!

Life with Will
When Anna is a teenager and exchanging I hate yous with Will, I am going to show her this video. Simply put, she adores Baby Will. She likes to help, she likes to bring him toys, she likes to hug and kiss him.

Daily Life
During my maternity leave, while Grandma watches Will, Anna gets to hang out with me during the day. We have our little routines. We have our weekly grocery runs, story time sessions, outings, and activities. We have snacks, lunches at home or while we are out. We nap together. It’s just her and me.

She is mostly pleasant, easy, fun to be with. Sometimes she can be naughty, mostly about her food, but I have made peace with her eating habits… so basically we have a happy little groove between us.

Anna can correctly identify most letters (she gets confused between X and K, S and Z, V and Y), numbers from 0-9, basic colors, and shapes. Lately she has been wanting to "draw" more. She can almost draw a circle! She loves to ask us to draw her family.

For the most part, her words and sentences can still only be understood by hubs and me. But she is a real chatterbox and can talk and talk and talk, if you let her. We try to talk back to her, but it can be a bit exhausting!

Since we went to a live music show this month, she has been hooked on music and often requests to listen to the CD I bought at the show, particularly
The Wheels on the Bus song. We listen to that song on repeat. She sings along, it's cute. She also likes the alphabet song.

Gross Motor Skills
Anna is pretty active and coordinated. She can go for long walks, sit on a big-kid swing, climb steps. She can walk backwards, kick balls, and run. She can’t jump yet, though.

She sleeps at 7:00pm, wakes up about 12 hours later. She falls asleep in her own bed, but comes to sleep with us in the middle of the night.

She naps for about 1.5 to 2 hours. And she’s not fussy about when she has the nap.

She plays the most with her bear. She cares for her bear like she sees how we care for Will. It's hilarious to watch. Her favorite playmate, though, is probably hubs. They have the most fun even without any toys.

Social Skills
Before when she is around other kids her age, she let others take the toys she's playing with without a fight. But now she is getting more confident and stands her own ground. She will actually hold on tight to her toys and pull back when others try to take them away. One time I actually caught her taking another kid's toy so I told her to give it back.

I am just trying to teach her how to play nice. Not being a pushover, but not a bully either.
23 Months


  1. It's so nice being needed for all those little things that she can't do yet. I'll be sad when she finally learns to live without her mama and baba. So I guess we better cherish all these little moments now.

  2. It goes by fast, doesn't it. I can't believe Anna will be two soon!

  3. So adorable seeing the affection she has for Will. Gosh, can you even believe she was once just as small? Crazy. By the way, totally blown away that she knows her letters. Ephram thinks that all letters are E's... guess I know what we'll be working on this week!


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