Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Drive-By Update - Week Fourteen

A Drive-By Update - Week One, Week Six, Week Eight, Week Ten, and Week Twelve.

Looking back at my Drive-By Update posts, I wrote about Will being a fussy baby. He was so difficult to deal with that, on some days, I thought he had colic!

As it turned out, Will was just really uncomfortable with his dry, itchy skin. His scalp was flaky, his face was red and scaly, his body has little bumps all over. It took a few weeks of trial and error (no shower, all sorts of cream and lotion, bleach bath), but he's finally looking better, especially in the scalp and face. His body still has bumps so we will need to keep an eye on it. The doctor thinks it's eczema and gave us a few samples of body wash and lotion to try. In the meantime, I am putting Will on a 48-hour formula diet to make sure that it's not because of Mama's milk.

But even though his skin isn't 100% recovered, his spirits are. He naps better and wakes up happy and ready to play.

Here is a video of him being super cute.

Will is significantly more interactive now. When we give him attention, he immediately lights up. I've noticed that he watches Anna lot and is just enamored by her! I hope they grow up to be buddies.

We put the play kitchen in our screened-in porch because there isn't room inside the house. It was in the upper 60s today so we went out to play. She was content to play with her kitchen by herself, but I can only imagine how much more fun it will be once Will is old enough to play with her. For now, she will have to settle for bringing me plastic pizza and donuts.
Iron Chef

I am too tired to do an update on me. Will do it next time.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

today / 4 things

my new-to-me sewing machine.
my "new" sewing machine
14 weeks today and the smiles just keep on coming.
Will - 14 Weeks
when i cook, everyone wants to hang out in the kitchen with me.
yes, that bear is wearing a hair clip, socks, and a diaper. all courtesy of anna.
Anna's bear

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Anna - 23 Months

Here is a long update of Anna's development, as she is less than a month away from turning 2!

Life with Will
When Anna is a teenager and exchanging I hate yous with Will, I am going to show her this video. Simply put, she adores Baby Will. She likes to help, she likes to bring him toys, she likes to hug and kiss him.

Daily Life
During my maternity leave, while Grandma watches Will, Anna gets to hang out with me during the day. We have our little routines. We have our weekly grocery runs, story time sessions, outings, and activities. We have snacks, lunches at home or while we are out. We nap together. It’s just her and me.

She is mostly pleasant, easy, fun to be with. Sometimes she can be naughty, mostly about her food, but I have made peace with her eating habits… so basically we have a happy little groove between us.

Anna can correctly identify most letters (she gets confused between X and K, S and Z, V and Y), numbers from 0-9, basic colors, and shapes. Lately she has been wanting to "draw" more. She can almost draw a circle! She loves to ask us to draw her family.

For the most part, her words and sentences can still only be understood by hubs and me. But she is a real chatterbox and can talk and talk and talk, if you let her. We try to talk back to her, but it can be a bit exhausting!

Since we went to a live music show this month, she has been hooked on music and often requests to listen to the CD I bought at the show, particularly
The Wheels on the Bus song. We listen to that song on repeat. She sings along, it's cute. She also likes the alphabet song.

Gross Motor Skills
Anna is pretty active and coordinated. She can go for long walks, sit on a big-kid swing, climb steps. She can walk backwards, kick balls, and run. She can’t jump yet, though.

She sleeps at 7:00pm, wakes up about 12 hours later. She falls asleep in her own bed, but comes to sleep with us in the middle of the night.

She naps for about 1.5 to 2 hours. And she’s not fussy about when she has the nap.

She plays the most with her bear. She cares for her bear like she sees how we care for Will. It's hilarious to watch. Her favorite playmate, though, is probably hubs. They have the most fun even without any toys.

Social Skills
Before when she is around other kids her age, she let others take the toys she's playing with without a fight. But now she is getting more confident and stands her own ground. She will actually hold on tight to her toys and pull back when others try to take them away. One time I actually caught her taking another kid's toy so I told her to give it back.

I am just trying to teach her how to play nice. Not being a pushover, but not a bully either.
23 Months

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Favorite Children's Books!

I read it somewhere....the best children's books are the ones you don't mind reading over and over.

I couldn't agree more.

We have been checking out books from the library by the truckload. While there are more than several that are pretty good and Anna requests to read them again and again, there are only three that
I don't mind reading them repeatedly. In fact, both hubs and I enjoyed them so much that we actually bought them to add to our own little library. That's huge for cheapos like us.
children's books
1. Little Blue Truck - Such cute book with clever rhymes. For almost 3 weeks whenever we asked her what she wanted to read before bedtime, the answer was always blue truck. We didn't mind. There is so much to talk about from the pictures besides just reading the text.

2. Little Blue Truck Leads the Way - Since she enjoyed the first book so much, I got on Amazon and found that there is a sequel to the adventures of the Little Blue Truck. I checked it out from the library right away. Not as catchy as the first, but Anna likes it a lot and we gotta have both for the collection.

3. I Can Do It Myself - I picked this up from the shelves at the library randomly one day. Anna has been wanting to do everything herself lately so I figured she can probably relate to this book. She doesn't ask for this book as much as the Blue Truck books, but this is always the one I encourage her to read simply because I just love reading it.

With all these three books, she loves pointing to the pictures and adding her own commentaries. This is how we know that she's enjoying them, too.

Stay tuned, more books will come later - as I am sure we will discover as we go along. And of course, I would love to hear yours!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Day Late

by Guest
At this stage in our lives, we don't get much time to ourselves anymore. As far as Valentines is concerned, that commercial holiday is no longer something we participate in. However, I still wanted to do a little something for you even though I was stuck in a hotel hundreds of miles away with a crappy internet connection yesterday. I wrote you a little something that all came together before I fell asleep last night. Hope enjoy it as much as I liked writing it...


Dear MaMa,

I cut my own hair the other day,
And now I have something to say.

Things are no longer the same,
But there's really no one to blame.

I found a piece of white hair on my head,
And now there's a third person in our bed.

My face hurts because she likes to kick,
But what can we do, "MaMa's bed" was her pick.

There's also a little boy that likes to scream,
God I wish this was all only a dream.

But for some reason I can't explain,
I'm still happy and not insane.

As long as you are by my side,
I can take it all in stride.

I'm just glad you are always there,
And I still like you in your underwear.

As a mother you are loving and sweet,
Even though we all leave you beat.

I look forward to more lazy days in bed,
With lots of grey hairs on both our heads.

Hey, I think I just used the same words again,
Oh well, this poem is about to end.

Just wanted you to know that I'll love you forever,
And yes, you are still lite as a feather.



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Will Turns 3 Months

Look who's 3 months old today.
3 months old
Isn't he such a hunk in this picture? I feel like it deserves a caption that reads something like, "Single male, about 24" tall 15 lbs, chubby build, enjoys long walks in your arms."

But seriously, I think he gets a little yummier every day. We can't stop the smiles and coos. And he's so very busy. He's been following things around with those bright brown eyes, kicking uncontrollably. Lately, he's even been a bit more tolerant of tummy time. He will get a good 5 minutes in before the squirming and squawking set in. Not sleeping through the night yet, but consistently sleeps in 5-6 hour stretches. However the naps are a different story. He's quite the cat napper...but we will figure him out eventually.

I have to admit, though, he has been fussier in the last month--and it's tough. But I know it's just a phase that hopefully be outgrowing soon. I am thankful for those healthy lungs and practicing a little more patience for the times he is completely inconsolable, crying his face off.
3 months old
3 months old with Anna
Fun fact: They may be 20 months apart, but they are wearing the same diaper size. This guy still eats like he's a newborn, every two hours like clockwork. Hey, you don't get this chunky by sleeping on the job.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Drive-By Update - Week Twelve

A Drive-By Update - Week One, Week Six, Week Eight, and Week Ten.


I have concluded: Will = Not an easy baby

He prefers to be held all the time. But just holding him isn't enough, I have to be standing. But just standing isn't enough, I have to be walking. But just walking isn't enough, I have to be swaying, too. On top of it all, this baby is chunky! He tips the scales at just over 15 lbs. So holding him constantly is no walk in the park. Props to Grandma who does it the majority of the day and I only have to take the late afternoon / evening shift.

Will doesn't nap too well either...but the silver lining of that is by 6:30p, he's ready to drop. So after Anna goes to sleep at 7p, we are free for the night. Oh, and I should also mention that Will is pretty good at putting himself to sleep for the night. We feed him, burp him, and drop him in the crib. He grunts and turns, but usually can fall asleep on his own. Same goes for any overnight feedings. That is huge for me!

Last week we finally moved him to Anna's old room. He was getting too heavy to sleep comfortably in the bassinet (pack 'n play). It was an easy transition and I think we all sleep better at night now.

Will fusses a lot, but on occasions when he's happy, it is the best! He coos and smiles. Just like this picture.
cute smile

She's becoming such a chatterbox. Repeating everything after us. Sometimes it gets annoying because we ask her questions, but she just repeats them back to us.

She also copies everything we do. She gives her bear pretend bottles, burps the bear, puts a pacifier up to the bear's mouth, rocks the bears, reads to the bear, and tells the bear: Bear, don't cry. It's okay.

Anna plays a lot by herself now, which is great. But I can't wait until Will is old enough for them to play together. Maybe things will get easier then?
@ Falls Church City Library

I am officially half way into my maternity leave. I don't want to be a SAHM, but going back to work will be tough. I don't know how I am going to handle it all. Being a SAHM isn't easy, but I can get stuff done around the house while the kids nap. Once I return to work, I won't have that luxury. I guess the weekends are just going to be a lot busier.... Oh well, I prefer not to think about this right now.

I am definitely enjoying my daily one-on-one time with Anna, but I feel like I don't pay much attention to Will since I don't take care of him until Grandma leaves for the day. Recently his scalp was so dry and irritated that he scratched and it bled. It was so sad. My poor boy needs more attention from us.

Anna & Will in the morning

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Monday, February 6, 2012

today / 4 things

chick-fil-a was a hit with anna!
chick-fil-a kid meal
packed away Will's outgrown clothes. when they say they grow before your very eyes, it's true. he's into a whole new wardrobe. thanks to my friend who provided them all.
packing up will's outgrown clothes
some pretty yellow flowers from the yard. in a yellow pot. yep, we are seeing some blooms already!
yellow flowers
love this father daughter duo. the end.
father and daughter

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Schedule as a SAHM (w/ a 22.5 month toddler and a 2.5 month old baby)

This schedule/pattern is for a typical weekday, while hubby is at work, but Grandma is here from 7 to 3. Grandma watches over Will while she's here and I spend time with Anna.

6:00 - 6:30am - I wake up to the sound of Will's fuss. I stumble out of bed and feed him.

6:30 - 7:00am - I don't try to put him back to sleep anymore, so I take him downstairs and change his diaper. I hold him while walking around the house doing random chores, such as feed fish and put dishes away.

7:00 - 7:15am - Grandma arrives. I hand over Will.

7:15am - I go back upstairs to pump. Anna may be awake by now. She lays in bed with hubs for a while. He changes her and takes her downstairs.

7:45am - I go back downstairs. I prep the bottles for the day.

7:45 - 8:30am - Anna and I watch Curious George and eat cereal together.

8:30 - 9:10am - We go back upstairs to read books in bed and get ourselves ready to go out.

9:10 - 9:30am - I fix and pack Anna's breakfast. She never sits still for meals so I feed her when we are out. We put on shoes and coats.

Around 9:30am - We head out! I try to take Anna out on most days to give her a breath of fresh air. We go to libraries, grocery stores, the mall, or the park when the weather is nice. To mix it up a bit more, I took her to a music show one time, which I am planning on doing it again soon. I feed her as she runs around.
By 11:30am - We arrive home. I ask Grandma about Will and fix Anna's lunch.

11:30 - 12:00pm - We eat lunch while watching her favorite videos (lately it has been Classical Baby: The Music Show) or reading books. As I mentioned before, she must be entertained during meals. It is tiring and frustrating.

By 12:15pm - She is all snuggled up in Mama bed (yes, she takes naps in my bed).

12:15 - 2:30pm - While Anna naps, I pump and shower. I clean up the kitchen. I may also prep for dinner. But on most days, after I shower, I take a nap with her.

2:30pm - Anna wakes up from her nap, which means nap is over for me too.

3:00pm - I start making dinner.

3:30pm - I feed Anna. Having a family dinner together is a thing of the past now that we have a new baby. I feed Anna whenever I have time and that's usually while Grandma is still here taking care of Will. After Anna is done eating, Grandma leaves.

3:30 - 5:45pm - Hubs and I take turns eating. He plays with Anna. I feed Will and try to put him down for a nap. I read to Anna. He gives Will tummy time. We both look at the clock at least 50 times.
5:45 - 6:15pm - Hubs showers with Anna while I entertain Will. Then I dry + dress Anna and give him Will. Then I dry + dress Will while Anna "helps".

6:15 - 6:45pm - Hubs read Anna books. I feed Will and walk him around to keep him calm.

6:45 - 7:00pm - Bed time for Anna. Maybe for Will, too. If not...

7:00 - 8:00pm - We take Will back downstairs and give him more floor time, if he's in the mood. If not, we both look at the clock at least 50 times.
8:00 - 8:15pm - I feed Will for the last time of the day and he is out.

8:15 - 8:45pm - I pump. I tidy up the kitchen and the family room.

After 8:45pm - Free time. Hubs and I may hang out and watch a movie together. Or I may just browse and blog, like what I am doing now.

10:30pm - Lights out for me.

Will has been good about sleeping long stretches at night lately. I (or the hubs) get up once (usually around 2am) to feed him. We make sure to burp him before putting him back down in the crib, but he doesn't need to be rocked to sleep.

Read more about my schedules:
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