Two Months Big

2 Months
Will is already 2 months old. I can hardly believe this boy is growing so fast.

My boy:
...does the best stretch. I pick him up from the bassinet and he reaches his arms up, balls his tiny hands into fists, and arches his back. Am I the only one who finds that adorable?
...loves being held to sleep. He will fight, but eventually looses the battle and falls into a peaceful slumber. people with marvel. His eyes are like magnets, glued to everyone's move. It's like he's saying, don't leave me.
...coos so much it's a tiny giggle. And smiles readily.
...has a gazillion facial expressions that makes me wish I am forever armed with a camera so I can capture every bit of it.
2-months checkup
2-months stats: 14 lbs 2 oz, 23 inches


  1. I love his double chin when he's yawning! adorable! enjoy the moments and don't you should be carrying a camera with you at all times!

  2. Goodness... his yawn actually made me yawn too!


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