A Drive-By Update - Week Eight

A Drive-By Update - Week One and Week Six

Will is 8 weeks old. Now that he's transitioning out of the sleepy newborn stage, his sleep has gotten a little rough around the edges. Sometimes all Grandma does all day (from 7a - 3p) is getting him to stay asleep. He doesn't nap well in the bassinet so she puts him in the bouncer and whenever he starts to stir, she rocks him a few times to keep him asleep. That seems to be working well.

However, after she leaves, I don't have time to sit by the bouncer and rock him so it can be hectic during the late afternoon hours (3p - 5p), when I try to cook and feed Anna, as well as try to sooth Will. Sometimes, though, the unthinkable happens and he naps until 5p, after we are all done with dinner. Then I wake him up and we all have family time together.

Night time sleep is getting better. He falls asleep between 7p - 8p, wakes up around 11:30p for feeding, then 3a - 4a, and then 6a - 7a. At least, this has been the pattern for the last few days, which isn't bad. But sometimes he doesn't fall right back to sleep after a feeding and it takes me 45 minutes before I can put him back in the bassinet.

Will can be really fussy. And we can try everything to calm him, but he will just cry and kick. I can't bear putting him down and just letting him cry it out because he's still so young. So I have been relying on the pacifier. We gave Anna pacifiers when she was a baby, but she eventually grew out of it so we never had to wean her. I hope Will will do the same.

He's still growing like a champ. Just look at this photo.
When I was working full-time, I didn't get a chance to read to Anna much and she wasn't that into books. Everything changed when I started taking her to story-time at the library and checking out heaps of books. Now she's all about book. So much that she will voluntarily turn off TV and bring me books. She wants to read books when she wakes up, before bed, during meals. All the time. Her love for books is so great that I use it as a weapon. Two more bites and Mama will read one more page. Haha.
i love to read
I am 8 weeks into my 24 weeks of maternity leave. It will be May soon enough and I will have to go back to work. I am not dreading it - I can never be a SAHM. But I do need to start thinking more seriously about what I am going to do about Anna after I go back to work. I would love to put her in a half-day preschool this fall, 2 or 3 days a week.

On another note, I am 8 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. All that pumping and nursing is helping me shedding the pounds. I snack like crazy, too. Ice cream. Fudge cookies. Chocolates. The way I see it, I won't get a chance to binge like this ever again. So bring them on.


  1. I dunno, until this little guy can sleep through the nite, he will continue to be the bane of our existence. But with that cute little face, I guess we can cut him some slack.

  2. wow! I'm impressed, sleeping mostly from 7-3 and then back asleep 7pm. way to go!

  3. Wohoo, on the weight loss! Ephram's gotten into books lately too! I wonder if it's partly the age?


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