Anna - 22 Months

Anna is two months away from turning two years old.
22 Months
Life with Will
Anna threw tantrums for a while after Will was born, but now she's totally used to him being a part of the family. She loves her baby brother and comes running whenever he cries. While I am on maternity leave, life really is no different for Anna - in fact, it may actually be better! She has been getting out of the house more than ever and is loving it. We snuggle up in bed (in the middle of the day!) and read books.

Yes, life is good for this little girl.

Anna continues to add new words to her vocabulary and learning phrases. She can speak in up to 5 word sentences, such as: Mama clip nails, Grape juice all done, Baba says no touch, Baby Will cry a lot.

She still can't 100% effectively communicate what she needs, but I think we will get there soon. She will, however, tell us exactly what she wants to watch, which coat she wants to wear, and what she doesn't want to eat.

It's hard to learn a different language in an English-speaking environment, but she knows a lot in Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese). However, although she can understand, she only responds in English.

I still think Anna has the sweetest personality and a well-behaved girl. She asks for permission before doing something - like if she can sit at the kiddie table at the library or get a diaper so she can put on her bear. When she's around other kids, she asks to share if she wants to play with their toys and has no problems sharing the toys that she's playing with.

Generally, she listens very well and will do whatever we ask of her. She wears a smile on her face and just happy all around. I hope her sweet personality sticks around!

This month, Anna stopped drinking milk. She woke up one day and quit cold turkey. The only way we can get a little bit of milk in her is through cereal. She used to drink about 16 oz a day so I am still struggling with what I can feed her to make up for those lost calories and calcium. For the time being, she's encouraged to eat all the ice cream and cookies as she pleases.

She is also slow eater and holds food in her mouth for a long time. It takes FOREVER for her to eat and it drives me nuts! We nag her a lot during mealtime, "Anna. Bite. Chew. Swallow. Hurry."
22 Months
Despite the hard times, life with a toddler is a lot of fun. Now I know why people say that being a parent is the best job in the world. It is.


  1. Yeah, fretting over eating is part of our household too! L used to be a great eater, now she only likes to eat "junk" food. It's hard to get her to eat any fruit. I'm thankful she LOVES her milk, though. I think kids go through eating in phases, just like everything else!

    1. Anna likes all sort of fruits, but if I could pick, I would like to have her drink milk than have fruit. Can't win them all.


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