Will is One Month!

Will - One Month
Back when I found out I was pregnant with Baby B, in my heart of hearts, I had hoped for another girl. Raising Anna was so much fun and I thought it would double the fun to raise another one.

So when we found out that we were expecting a boy, I was excited and couldn't wait to meet the little man. But part of me felt a little disappointed. We already had a perfect girl name picked out, too.

But then a month ago, Will arrived. And everything changed.

I can tell you now that Will has entered our lives, I cannot imagine having anything other than my delicious baby boy. He is tiny, vulnerable, and sweet. When I feed him, I love leaning down and smell his fuzzy little head. I love watching him sleep as he cuddles up next to me. I am head over heels about my little guy!

Life is busy now. I don't have time for myself (I have been writing this post in my head for 3 days), and I hope it will change someday, but right now spending time with the kids is all I want to do. They will grow up way too fast and be too cool for their Mama.

As for Will's one-month stat: He's a big boy, not surprising because the guy has a monstrous appetite. He eats, sleeps, and poops. The end.
Happy One Month Will!


  1. Wow.. it has been a month already? Seems like it was just last week when he was born!

  2. Hmmm, what a neat little guy. He eats and grows and cries. And cries...and eats...and craps. Yup, this is definitely the last one.

  3. happy 1 month! he sounds perfect! enjoy, Joyce!


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