The Thanksgiving 2011 Post

Baba & the kids
And finally, my very belated Thanksgiving post.

Given that Will was less than 2 weeks old when Thanksgiving rolled around, we didn't think we could make it to any family gatherings. Instead, our families came to us...with food...and we "hosted" our first Thanksgiving at our place. All I threw together was my easy roasted chicken and hubs made his yummy apple pie.

Although Will behaved like a dream (read: he almost slept through it all), Anna was quite a handful. She just didn't feel like eating or sitting still. So rather than having a screaming toddler, I sat in the family room and watched TV with her for a while. It definitely wasn't her finest moment and I didn't win the best hostess award, but we made it through the night.

At last year's Thanksgiving, having another baby wasn't even on my mind. But even with that, this year, among many other things, I was thankful for the arrival of a healthy and bouncy baby boy. So thankful that I wasn't still uncomfortably pregnant during Thanksgiving and, instead, I had another baby to snuggle with!
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Will's First Thanksgiving


  1. :) You had a perfect Thanksgiving.

  2. yum! that chicken recipe sounds really good! sounds exactly like what a gathering with a brand new baby and new big sister should be like :)


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