A Drive-By Update - Week Six

I am hoping to continue these "Drive-By" posts to help me remember my days as a temporary SAHM. I wrote the first Drive-By Update at Week One.

He turned 6 weeks old earlier this week. The guy just keeps on growing and growing - 3-month sized clothes are already getting to be just right instead of too big. For a few days, he was really good at sleeping long stretches at night, like 3 to 4 hours, and I thought we were golden. But last night, he was particularly hungry and got up every 2 hours on the dot to eat! He drinks 120cc if being bottle fed and nurses just under 10 minutes if being breastfed. He eats 10 or 11 times a day.

He's still a good baby...most of the time. Even when he's having one of his fussy moments, he can be calmed down easily...most of the time. Sometimes I get really annoyed when he doesn't go to sleep, but when he finally does and I look at him all peaceful, my heart just swells. He's the best! Of course, he's sleeping right now as I write this. Ask me again when he's screaming.

We are giving him more tummy time and he's doing great!
Will on Tummy
The first week after Will was born, we could tell that Anna was sad. She was curious about the baby, but she wasn't the same happy self. I am glad to say that she's back to to her normal self. I think the fact that I am spending lots of time with her has something to do with it. I am in charge of Anna while Grandma is on Will-duty during the day. Then after Grandma leaves, hubs focuses on Anna and I take care of Will. Some days it can be a madhouse, but we also have good days.

After I return to work in May, I don't know how Grandma is going to handle jugging two kids. I am looking into sending Anna to preschool in September, but most preschools don't accept kids until they turn 3. I have a lot to think about and research to do.
story time
I am completely healed and have my postpartum checkup next week.

As for day to day life, I feel fine, but on some days, I am completed wiped and frustrated. I need a vacation where I can just sit and veg and eat without being interrupted. Hubs and I are thinking about a trip before I return to work. The question is kids or no kids. If we take the kids, it won't be a relaxing vacation, but I think I will miss them too much if we leave them behind.

For a while I was pumping exclusively (4 times a day) and Will only drank from bottles. But recently, I cut one pumping session and started breastfeeding him during the evening hours. I am a worrywart and because there is no way to tell how much he's drinking when being breastfed, I still prefer bottle feeding. Washing all those pump parts and bottles is a pain in the butt, though! 6 weeks down, 46 more to go.
sibling love


  1. Love these drive-by updates. Always good to get stuff jotted down so you can remember it later. Will is so adorable!

  2. I love your updates too! happy new year to you and your sweet family!


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