Anna - 21 Months

Anna turned 21 months old today. It was a big month for her -- she went from being the only child to having a new sibling, and then adjusting to her big girl bed. She is handling everything so well, I am proud of her.

Life with Will
Anna never shown any jealousy toward Will, but she probably cried more and threw more tantrums this month than all other months combined. There may be a slight exaggeration to that, but only slightly. Poor girl can be the most caring sister one minute - bringing Will's blanket and tucking him in - to a little terror wailing for no apparent reason the next.

I am not sure if Anna is acting out because of Will or because she's just reaching that age. What I am really hoping for is that it is because she's growing molars.

She sure loves her brother, though. Her bears are her prized possessions and she shares them with him. She hugs and kisses him. She wants to change Will's diapers and says Will new diaper. When she hasn't seen Will for a while because he's upstairs sleeping, she will ask to see him. Will is lucky to have Anna as a big sister.

The first week after Will was born, Anna ate terribly and it STRESSED me out. Now she's gradually getting back on track, but that's still far away from what I would like to see her eat. Normal things like chicken nuggets or pizza that any kids would love are no big deal to her. She will eat two nuggets, four at the most. Pizza is a hit or miss. One thing she loves is grapes. Is there any way to inject some fat in those things?

I am afraid that Anna has associated eating with watching TV. Before Will was born, our strict rule was no eating in front of TV (unless she really hadn't eaten anything all day and we just wanted her to sit still while we feed her). After Will came home, things got so busy and crazy that I didn't have time to entertain her while trying to feed her so I turned on the TV. Now for lunch and dinner, she sits at her table in the family room and says TV. While I don't think TV is evil, I do think she watches a little too much of it. My goal is to stop this habit soon.

Besides her blocks, she's also into Play-Doh. She doesn't actually make anything, but she brings the jars out and says play clay. I am trying to get her to color more, since that's an activity I enjoy, but she's not too interested.

Lately, she is better at entertaining herself (perhaps it is because she doesn't have our undivided attention anymore). She has conversations with her bears and takes them all around the house. I think there may be more imaginative play in the near future. The other day, she took a fork and a plate from the dishwasher and pretended to eat.

Books haven't been on top of her list, but I am going to bring them back to her life. When she's in the mood, she can sit still for a long time...but she wants to read the same book over and over again.

Things to Remember
There have definitely been times when Anna's tried my patience the past month, but she is still the sweetest. Her smiles and laughs light up my life.

Hubby puts Anna to bed everyday, but he's on travel today so I did it. She didn't want me to leave her room so she patted the spot next to her and said stay. So I laid next to her for about 10 minutes, waiting for her to fall asleep. She wasn't sleeping and I had to leave....this was our conversation:

Me: Anna, Mama has to go now, okay?
Anna: No. Stay.
Me: But Mama has to go check on Will.
Anna: Check Will.
Me: Yeah, Mama has to go check on Will. Mama go. Yes?
Anna: Yesh.
Me: Okay, and Mama got to go eat too.
Anna: Mama eat. Yesh.

And I left and didn't hear a peep from her.

Happy 21 months, Nana! You are still the best!
Anna - 21 Months
Anna - 21 Months


  1. I really wish I was home with you guys and especially her. Why am I laying in this hotel when the only things that matter in my life are hundreds of miles away? I guess life is funny that way. Money can't buy happiness, but in this day and age, you can't survive without a few bills in the wallet.

  2. Anna is incredibly selfless for a toddler. You are very very lucky on her sweet personality.

    Sasha on the other hand is a standard narcissistic little 2 yr old. The conversation in our house goes like this:
    "Sasha, mommy needs to go."
    "NO!!! NO go!!" Screeches at the top of her lungs.
    "But Sasha, mommy has to go feed Daddy. Daddy is hungry."
    "No Daddy!!! No hungry!!! Mommy STAY!!! Stand here!!"
    I sigh and stand quietly by her crib till she falls asleep....One of these days I need to quit giving in.

  3. She is a smart little girl - I think she just wanted to know where you were going. :)

  4. don't you just love those conversations! They remind me that they are still kids, yet grown up, in some ways too! I love it! Happy 21 months, Anna!


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