heading out as a family of 4

We took several short outings over the course of last week and here are just some pictures of our new family. All trips have been good, but one thing I need to learn to accept is the amount of time it takes for all of us to get ready to go places. One day, it took us ONE whole hour from "lets go somewhere" to actually driving away! It was majorly frustrating for me, but I think I just need to manage my expectations better from now on.

Life with 2 kids is definitely going to be a lot busier and full!
Anna loves to walk and we rarely put her in the shopping cart. With 2 kids and since I am still trying not to lift anything heavy, this is the best way to get shopping done.
$6 for a 5-minute train ride around the mall food court. Pretty crazy that we actually paid for it. Anna was super happy, though.


  1. :)

    That has a nice ring to it, "family of four".

  2. I have a question: with those two in the shopping cart, where do you put the food??:)

    I am so glad you are feeling well and managing well together! Kisses to little Anna, I think she's a trooper for being good and not being jealous. What an amazingly strong and beautiful little spirit!

    Do you know what, if she is not eating well she might be starting to teeth with her 2 yr molars. Is she putting fingers and objects in her mouth? Is she chewing on her toothbrush? So don't stress about it!

  3. @ Irena: Haha, that was just a quick trip to Walmart, we didn't buy much at all. I think when we actually take both of them to the grocery store, we will need two shopping carts. One to haul them, and one for the food.

    By the way, thanks for the Bundle Me. We find it so useful!

  4. Congrats for just making it out the door! That's a feat in itself!


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