Baby B! The Birth Story

11/11/11 - Friday

I had my regular checkup on Friday morning. I asked the doctor to do a membrane sweep since I was 38 weeks and measuring 4-5 days ahead according to a recent ultrasound. The doctor agreed to the procedure and I left the office thinking that if labor and delivery was anything like my previous one, I was going into labor in as early as 2 days!

11/12 - 11/13/11 - Saturday and Sunday

The entire weekend I was just waiting for my water to break -- as it did on its own with my first pregnancy. Alas, I didn't feel a thing. No contractions, not even Braxton Hicks. I told hubs that I wish I hadn't gotten my hopes up since I was just disappointed for no reason. Instead, I should had been enjoying the end of the pregnancy.

11/14/11 - Monday

Anna turned 20 months old!

Still thinking that the labor could happen anytime due to membrane sweep, I stayed home from work. I spent the morning taking some training courses online and filing my short-term disability claim. And lots of time just lazying around, napping. Throughout the morning and early afternoon, I felt contractions, but didn't pay much attention to them since they were irregular and not strong. Just in case, though, we asked hub's mom to stay for the night.

In the early afternoon, the sun was shining. I went out for a walk while hubs raked the leaves and Anna played in them. I took some pictures of her for the 6-Weeks Project.

Around 4:50pm, I noticed that the contractions were coming more consistently so I found an app online to time them. I wasn't too exact about the start and stopping time, running back and forth between the computer and whatever I was doing. The contractions were 3.5 to 5 minutes apart, lasting 30 to 55 seconds. I was told to call the doctor when they come every 5 minutes, lasting 1 minute each, so I waited. But knew that Baby B was coming and we were going to the hospital, it was just a matter of when.

I continued to time the contractions until hubs took Anna up for a bath. We did our regular night routine - bath, yogurt, books, brush teeth, and bed. We took our last picture as a family of 3. By 7:10pm, Anna was tucked in bed.

Baby Will
Contractions were not going away. I finished packing my hospital bags and went downstairs to call the doctor on call. I told the doctor that contractions were coming at 3.5 to 5 minutes, lasting 30 to 55 seconds. She asked me about pain level and I told her a 6. She said it was up to me if I wanted to go to the hospital -- I could be too early to be admitted and be sent home. Hubs encouraged that we go since we would just be waiting at home anyway.
Baby Will
We left the house after 8:20pm and checked in at the hospital at 8:55pm due to a bad traffic. During the entire ride, I could expect my next contraction by watching the clock. I was nervous that I wouldn't be admitted and excited that the contractions kept on coming. The last thing I wanted was for them to stop completely on the way to the hospital.

I was wheeled to Labor & Delivery and a nurse sent me to the triage to do an initial exam. She was a bit annoying - when I told her that I was experiencing a pain level of 7, she said with a raised eyebrow, "Really? If you were, you weren't be able to talk to me right now. Most patients request an epidural by 7. But lets check your cervix." She did and said, "Well, it looks like you hide your pain well, you are 4 cm and 90% thinned out."

At 9:30 pm, I was admitted!

By 9:45pm, I was moved to the delivery room, settling in. They took some blood, started up the IV, and I wasted no time to request for an epidural.

I breathed through the contractions, but luckily didn't have to wait long for the anesthesiologist. He arrived at 10:30pm. Since the epidural worked so wonderfully on me with Baby A, I was surprised that I could still feel a bit of pain after the dosage.

The nurse checked my cervix again at 10:50pm and I was 7 cm dilated! The doctor came in and broke my water. I asked for an epidural boost at 11:15pm. The nursed dimmed the light and I closed my eyes to rest.

11/15/11 - Tuesday

When the nurse came back to check on me around 1:15am, I told her that I feel lots of pressure and the urge to push. It turned out I was fully dilated and the baby was at 0 station. It was time to push!

We did a few rounds of practice of pushes with the nurse and by 1:45am, the doctor arrived for the real thing. Pushing Baby B out was a lot harder and different than with Anna. With Anna, I didn't feel any pain, nor I knew when to push. I only pushed when the doctor said so. With Baby B, even though there was no pain either, there was a lot of pressure and I knew exactly when I had to push. I pushed as hard as I could with each contraction, and it felt like I was trying to do a very large poo. I gave all that I could.

After what seemed like a long time, the baby was out in 25 minutes - I was exhausted!

Baby Will was born at 2:10am in the morning. He was placed on my chest immediately while hubs cut the cord. He snuffled and grunted, and took his first breath. Billions of people on the planet have been born like this, but it still seemed like magic to me.
Baby Will
I was so happy to meet him and glad for a safe delivery!

He weighed 8 lbs 6 oz and 20 3/4 inches long.


  1. Congrats to the (2x) MOM!!!! and hello Baby Boy!

  2. So glad it all happened smoothly. It really is magical, each and every time.

    Oh, and that whole pain level thing? Ya, how do you really gauge a pain like that? I mean, you are high on adrenaline, it comes and goes, even if it's your second, it's got to be hard to compare it to the first time, and if it's your first, you have absolutely nothing to compare it to. My husband laughed at me when I told the nurses my pain level was a 5 on the phone when just prior to calling I couldn't speak during the contraction I had. But once I was on the phone, the pain was gone, so it's so hard to place a number on it!

    Anyways, congrats to you and your family, Joyce. He's absolutely perfect!!


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