Anna - a Quickie 20 Months Update

Anna may only be turning 20 months next Monday, but she is growing up and learning much faster than I ever expected. Instead of saying just a single word here and there, she's putting two words together now. It all started with bye-bye [insert a word here] and more [insert a word here], but now it’s black dog, yellow block, green frog, white bear, Pargo come, Mama work, brush teeth, watch TV, etc.

She counts from 1 to 9, but has trouble with 6 and 7 because she can’t pronounce S (as well as L and R) yet.

She says A through G and H, I, K, O, and P.

She knows what she wants. The other day she wanted to take her bear and blanket to bath with her. When we told her no, she pouted with sincerity and fake cried during the entire bath. Yet she also knows boundaries. It’s not unusual for her to say, bed and points to our bed and lays down. But when we tell her she needs to sleep in her crib, she picks up her belongings, gives me a kiss, and walks over to hubs.

She follows multiple directions in one fell swoop. “Pick up your blocks, eat, and you can play with your balls,” turns into her doing exactly that and returning to ask for ball.

She makes decisions, and even when posed with multiple options, she sticks to her guns and asks what she really wants.

We are starting to watch Signing Time again and I realized that now is actually the prime time for her to learn. She follows along and easily remembers the new signs we just learned.

We haven’t started potty training, but she tells us when she pee-pee and poo-poo.

She’s a sweet girl with a kind heart. She shares toys when we have visitors and shows no aggression. Last night, she randomly went back and forth and gave us hugs. Best thing ever.

Yep, she’s a real little person. Bursting with personality. Have I mentioned lately how much I love being her Mama?


  1. Hold on to your hats, mama and papa - it's only the beginning. Sasha never stops talking now. She comments everyone's actions, tells us what she wants to watch, eat, wear, where she wants to go and what she doesn't want, reads poems and sings songs (sometimes in the crib when she should be sleeping!) It's the funniest thing - who knew little people had so many opinions and thoughts!!

  2. She has really grown up quickly! Such an impressive little girl!

  3. how adorable! being a mama is the best job in the world!

  4. Now if she could only learn to rake leaves or use the blower, our lives would be set!


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