14 Days

Will is 2 weeks old today! And already, he's growing like a weed. He has regained his birth weigh and more. I thought I noticed a little extra chunk in those cheeks!

He's still very much of a sleepy baby so juggling two kids hasn't been as bad as I had pictured. However, Will does have his morning and night reversed so he's awake for a longer period of time in the middle of the night. It's pretty brutal and we are working on straightening him out. He has a ferocious appetite - eating every 2-3 hours. When he's full and well rested, he's a contended little baby. Oh, and he has already flashed us his killer smile! It is the best.

I just love staring into his big brown eyes and giving him big squeezes. I never expected to snuggle with him as much as I did with Anna since he's a boy and all. But I actually find myself doing it more with Will...probably because I know he's my last baby and I will never get to do this again. Seriously, this little guy is pure bliss. I am loving it all, even at 2 in the morning when his eyes refuse to shut.


  1. I had that same fear about not snuggling as much with a boy as I would having a baby girl. But Ephram has totally surprised me. He's a huge cuddler even as a toddler (though only for short periods of time usually).

    Sidenote: I cried (I totally blame the pregnancy hormones) when cuddling with Ephram as a newborn fearing that with our next I wouldn't be able to cuddle them as much bc I wouldn't have as much one-on-one time as a result of having two kids to care for. So the fact that you feel you are cuddling Will even more than you did with Anna gives me huge hopes! I think having experienced the incredible fast growth rate of a baby with Ephram will help me slow down, put things aside, and just enjoy cuddling our second baby more as well. Maybe.

  2. Such big brown eyes... and so intelligent too...

    ...the video of Anna holding him is a delight!

  3. Ha, how could you think you wouldn't cuddle with him. He's so precious! Aww and all Anna can say, "Babyyy." You're one lucky mama!

  4. I'd cuddle with him all day long!! he's adorable!


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