Hello. I don't have much to update - am still just chugging along at work. As of yesterday, I am 4 weeks away from my last day in the office. I. Can't. Wait. I am so over getting up at the crack of dawn. And so over sitting RIGHT NEXT to my psycho client. I am ready to just get the heck out.

On the pregnancy front: I had my baby appointment today. Baby B is still measuring ahead. The doctor isn't alarmed, but I am getting a sonogram to see if they can get a good estimate on the size of the baby. If measuring too big, I may be induced! Yikes.

Anyway, enough about me. Here is a little Anna video. She's so cute and funny to me. I love being her "mummy".


  1. sooo cute! my little L is mad for dogs! She would love Pargo.

  2. Love this vid. Can't wait to see what she has to say about her baby brother...


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