Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from our little butterfly!

Well...I wasn't going to do anything for Halloween this year - hubby is away on business and I am getting too big to move. But at the end, I couldn't let Anna's second Halloween pass by without some sort of documentation, so we got this last minute costume and off we went to trick-or- treat. So glad we did. It was fun.

Anna did well. She let me put on the costume without complaints and walked door to door for treats. Maybe it was a school night, but we only saw a pint-sized cheerleader along the way. And only a grand total of 3 kids came by for candies! Hmmm...maybe I should take the leftover candies to work before hubs comes home.

After we got home, she took the candies from her tin can and put them in our candy dish for re-gifting. I am so proud of her -- thinking like her Mama already. :)

Happy Halloween to all!
Happy Halloween 2011


  1. darling! that costume is so adorable. way to go mama for making the trek out!

  2. That's it! Next year, I will make sure I'm home for Halloween. There's no way I'm going to miss seeing Anna in such uber cute costumes ever again! Such a sweet little thing. Thanks mama for taking her out.

  3. Adorable!! Love that costume so much!

  4. :) Seems like the treating crowd was sparce this year - perhaps the weird weather just messed things up here.

    Anna is as cute as (or cuter than) a button!

  5. Thanks everyone! I was actually about to get her a monkey suit, but glad I went something more girly instead.

    @ IAH: You better be home. There is no way I can wrangle two kids.


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