We are thoroughly loving our brand new walkway and stoop. It's much better than before, don't you think? No, it didn't come cheap, but at least we will get to enjoy it as long as we live here. I especially like to sit on the step and watch Anna and hubs play. Or sit on the step with Anna and blow bubbles.

We still need to go pick up a few pumpkins to complete the fall decoration, but for now these mums will do. Hubs got them for $7 each at Walmart. Walmart really is the cheapest all around.

Oh, the little square area next to the door is the herb garden. Hopefully they will all survive after the transplant. Remember Anna's maple tree? It also got moved - to the side of the house - due to all these remodeling.
Hubs requested easy-to-maintain plants...and I hope they really are easy to maintain. The tree on the very right is dogwood.
Now, no posts are complete without at least a picture of Anna:

After a rainy September, we have been having really good weather lately. Today was even warm enough for Anna to play with water. She had so much fun.


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