a "fall foliage" outing

Hubs and I don’t spend carelessly, but there is always room to trim our spending. Sometime last week, we decided that we should see if we could live off on one salary, even with a 15-year mortgage that we want to pay off sooner, and still go on vacations and save for rainy days. So here we go with our challenge….hope we don’t fall off the bandwagon after two weeks.

This weekend we spent time doing housework, yard work, and preparing for Baby B. I completely understand why people choose to hire cleaners or lawn maintenance people, but we are just not ready to spend money on things we can do ourselves…even though it does take away family time. However, whenever we clean, we involve Anna so she isn’t left alone to watch TV. When hubs does yard work, we let her run around outside. Who knows, maybe she will pick up cleaning habits along the way. As for Baby B, his pack n’ play is all set up in our room and I washed and folded his clothes. I want to pack for the hospital this week.

We took a break and went to our usual spot, Meadowlark Gardens, on Saturday. It was still too early to see fall colors, but there were leaves on the ground that Anna happily picked up. I want to see fall foliage this year, when everything is vibrant orange, yellow, and red, but who knows if I will still be able to walk by then! Last week at my 33.5-weeks appointment, I was measuring at 36 weeks. Oy vey. No wonder I feel really blown up and I find myself out of breath. So anyway, I am counting this as our "fall foliage" outing. I mean, we did see some non-green leaves.

As many times as we have been to Meadowlark, we had never seen so many fish and turtles as we did on Saturday. It was a good 1.5 hours spent to see Anna enjoying herself. Good to get some fresh air, too. Best part – all for free.
Meadowlark Gardens - Oct 2011
meadowlark Oct 2011
Meadowlark Gardens - Oct 2011


  1. :)

    She really seems to enjoy running around in the grass!

  2. This may very well have been our last warm outing of the year. The next time we get to do something like this, there'll be a baby boy in tow. No matter how much we want it to do otherwise, time just marches on...

  3. What an awesome park! I forget that the leaves haven't even changed in parts of the country. Gosh, with the winds we've had recently, our trees are mostly bare already!


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