Anna - 19 Months

Anna turned 19 months old last Friday.

Talking: Her favorite word of the month is uh-oh. She drops a toy – uh-oh. She sees a spill – uh-oh. She sees something missing – uh-oh. Needless to say, we hear uh-oh all the time. She first put two distinctive words together at 18 months, bye-bye, beach. Now it’s bye-bye, TV, bye-bye, blocks, bye-bye [insert a word she knows here]. Recently, she’s also saying, more noodles (except she says noodles in Chinese), more cookie, etc.

New words for the month: mouth, teeth, toes, feet, eyes, egg, rice, corn, apple, bottle, draw, Pargo, duck, hat, girl, kiss, pee pee, yo-yo (yogurt), big, kitty, brush….and I am drawing a blank.

Sleeping: Hubby is a pro at putting her down for the night. After books and brushing teeth on our bed, he takes Anna to the crib. All he has to do is drop her in and say, bye. After she waves bye back, he walks out and she falls asleep on her own. We used to have to wait in her room until she falls asleep – sometimes up to 45 minutes. So happy those days are over. She sleeps from 7:30p to 7:00a, and takes an 1.5 hour nap.

Eating: Feeding Anna continues to stress me out the most. I still struggle to get her to eat a variety of food. Sometimes, the only way to get her to eat is sit her in front of TV while she mindlessly eats. It’s not a habit I want her to develop, but right now, I choose not to fight it. Luckily, for lunch and dinner, she sits in the booster seat and it’s only during breakfast and snack that we turn on the TV. She’s also back to drinking milk and eating yogurt.

Personality: Anna has the sunniest personality ever. She is a happy toddler and her smiles & giggles prove it. She’s developing a sense of humor that she knows what makes us laugh. She’s also a silly girl. The other day after she ate an ice cream sandwich, she had a piece of the cookie part stuck on her face. She didn’t know that, of course, but when I laughed at her, she laughed hilariously back. Tantrums are not a daily occurrences anymore. It happens maybe only once or twice a week, but I can see them making a comeback so I am not getting any hopes up.

Daily Schedule: Life is quiet, but full for our family. I am glad that hubs’ mom is still able to come care for Anna every day. Next to Mom and Dad, I think under the care of Grandma is the best. Back when Anna was younger, I thought I would put her in daycare by now to get the socialization she needs, but now I want to wait until she’s old enough for preschool. I’ve heard stories about how daycares can make kids thrive, but I prefer Anna to have a stable, focused home life where she can nap and eat in peace, and not being chauffeured around.

Anna spends 7a to 3p with Grandma. After I get home at 3p, I am busy with cooking and feeding, but after that’s out of the way, we spend time with Anna on the floor. Then bath time, followed by books and snuggles. Every day is similar, but different, too.

Education: We try to teach Anna as much as possible. Not just ABCs and 123s, but also being gentle and helpful and putting toys away.

I love this stage in Anna’s life. She loves to help, she wants to play, and she wants to impress. She wants to try hard and be good and learn new things. I think it’s all about letting her try, letting her express herself, letting her be heard, and letting her explore. I think that’s the best education of all.
Anna - 19 Months


  1. :) I still remember "back in the day" before she was born - and what you blogged about then...

    ...Anna has really brought a lot of fulfillment into your lives.

  2. anna sounds a lot like my littlest one. they are only 3 months apart. enjoy!

  3. gosh. 19 months! too amazing. too fun. i am loving this age as well. the learning is incredible.


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