a new walkway + stoop

Back when our house was being built, the construction crew thought that the house was suppose to come with a front porch and put in this giant slab of concrete. Once the mistake was realized, the orignal owners decided to take a discount on the house instead of having it removed. At least, this was the story that we were told when we bought the house.
It never bothered me as much as it bothered hubs. Yes, it wasn’t pretty, but I would rather spend money on the INSIDE of the house. But because he does all the maintenance outside and curb appeal is important, we agreed to get it fixed, especially since the concrete didn’t sit entirely flat and it was slowly inching away from the house, leaving a gap.
Hubs secured a contractor, worked with them on the design, picked out the colors, and the job officially started yesterday!

I can’t believe the progress they've made after just two days. If weather cooperates, it should be completed by tomorrow. Once it’s done, I am going to get a couple pots of mums and a big, round pumpkin. Just in time for fall.


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