OBX: Lighthouse, More Beach, and Keep Calm & Move On

My friend commented yesterday that we are totally her heroes for traveling as much as we do with a baby. Well, we actually don't. I consider this as our first family vacation, even though we have taken a few road trips in the past. Anyway, I replied saying that traveling with a tot is just taking the show on the road. We are still dealing with temper tantrums, battling with eating, and all the stuff that we face at home.

For example, since we got to OBX, Anna has been refusing milk. So...she hasn't had a drop of milk since Saturday morning. We were so stressed about it that there were many not-so-memorable moments. But then we decided that we could either continue to be stress about it & have it ruin our vacation or just stay calm & move on. We chose the latter. And since then, we have been having lots of fun, milk or no milk. It's all about managing expectations, I guess.

Anyway, here are some pictures from yesterday. We visited one of the many lighthouses here and afterwards we drove on the beach! Supposedly if we had gone further, we could have seen wild horses, but driving on the sand was kind of scary (even though I wasn't doing the driving) so we only did a little bit to get the experience.
After Anna woke up from her nap, we went back to the beach again. She loved digging and putting the sand in her bucket. Yesterday was a bit windier, but she still had fun despite the giant waves.


  1. How did the man eating mosquitoes not make the list for that day? I swear, these are zombie mosquitoes. They don't care about self preservation, they only want one thing, the savory red fluid pumping through our veins. They form swarms and wait outside doors and cars. It is truly scary...and itchy!

  2. that's a good motto! We had the same when we went to chicago... we could either worry about how little nutritious foods our girls were consuming versus the amount of junk food or we could just let them eat whatever produced the least amount of resistance for 5 days. It was worth the peace.

    enjoy your trip. the beach looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Sasha wasn't drinking milk for about a month (it bothered us, but what can you do - anyone who's tried it knows - you really can't force or convince a baby to eat or drink anything) - and now she is drinking it again, in large quantities. When she wanted it again, she asked for it by name. The doctor said it's fine, as long as she gets other calcium. Does Anna eat yogurt and cheese? OJ with Calcium? Soymilk or soy yogurt? Fro yo?

  4. Ah.. the wild horses of Corolla... I've only seen one of them myself... and it took a while.

    And its the flies that killed me in OBX... the mosquitoes... LOL... :) (I'd love to go back, bugs or no bugs)


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